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When you know about an Internet bridge page, please send us a note with the appropriate address and we will record it. The material on this website may not be republished or distributed in any form without permission. Biggest bridge location in the world.

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Bridging is such a intriguing deck of cards that many have spent so much effort and effort to pass on their thoughts about treatments, conventions and guidelines to those seeking a bridge via the web. When you know of an online bridge site, please send us a notice with the appropriate location and we will record it.

If you find that a website has modified its mailing list, please let us know so that we can make the necessary changes. And the more interested you are in the Bridge experience, the better it can be. The American Contract Bridge League website is the home page of The American Contract Bridge League and has all the information you will ever need to know about this sponsorship group.

It is also the site where you can view the copyrighted Laws of Contract Bridge. You' ll also find a listing of many other personal homepages of bridge players and teachers. It is a must, and when you come by you should make a notice to let the site manager know that you appreciate their work and their efforts to bring you the best of the bridge.

It is the homepage and offical website of the American Bridge Association. Members of the American Bridge Association are dedicated to supporting an inclusive gaming community that promotes competition while at the same time respects the core value of each entrant at every skill stage. Our mission is to recruit and retain members of the Association through a varied education program and a broad range of gambling opportunities; encourage individuals to improve their gambling abilities and reach their full potentials; offer bridging challenges in an ambience of esteem, toleration, courtesy, friendliness and fellowship; and promote, protect and foster a sense of good will and beneficial interactions with community members.

The Baron Barclay The world's largest bridge supply company. When you need something, like maps, blackboards, congress booklets or presents for bridge lovers, this is the place to order them. Aim is to offer a straightforward, contemporary methodology that leads to a good, sound grasp in a relationship after both actors have learnt the system.

On this page also archives in the pdf form to find them again later. Basic Bidding SystemThis important connection is to the library. Later, was extended to offer gaming guides, gaming guides, and some other topics that large bookstores tend to neglect. This section for the bridge play was designed and is run by Mr. Chris Hasney and Mr. Jerry Pottier.

American Bridge Series is conceived as a sequence of tender ing course sets suited for self-study or in-class instruction under the direction of a bridge instructor. The Great Bridge LinksThis website is an absolute must. Visitors can select from a wide range of functions, such as Silicon Alley, where they can find out about new bridgeware.

There' also a clubroom and the visitors can go and watch Bridge playing on-line. Visitors can also sign up for the Great Bridge Links newsletter, which is sent by e-mail. Designed in a welcoming way, the site encourages visitors to remain and search all information. Bridge WorldAn excellent website for beginners to professionals.

They can also sign up for The Bridge World, the non-negotiable bridge player publication established in 1929 by Mr. Ely Culbertson and currently edited and edited by Mr. Jeff Rubens. Released 12x a year, The Bridge World features Bridgeworks, a new section specifically developed to help bridge gamers learn how to enhance their playing techniques.

Bridge LeagueThe Bridge League was established in 1947 in Copenhagen, Denmark, by NBOs ( "National Bridge Organisations") of eight nationalities. It has since developed into an association of the most important international companies in Europe. EBL is a member of the World Bridge Federation.

This includes zone 1 of the eight, in which the bridge kingdom is physically separated by the Western Border Federation. Below is a collection of hyperlinks to on-line sites that can help interested bridge students find information faster. It also includes a full explanation of how a participant can become an active bridge actor by quickly mastering the fundamentals of the games.

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