Bridge Template Demo

Bridge Template Demo

A new bridge update with four new and unique demos released. WordPress with 56 different design themes Bridge is currently the twelfth best-selling WordPress topic on ThemeForest with well over 15,000 copies sold - and continues to expand at an ever faster pace! Bridge was developed by QODE (a publisher that has already generated 35,000 hits on ThemeForest and received the award "The Best Marketing Author of 2013 ") and is an exceptionally diverse WordPress topic that can be used to create a wide variety of websites: whether it' corporations, bloggers, portfolios, on-line magazine or even e-commerce shops.

Bridge's greatest sales argument is the large number of ready-made patterns it contains. Currently you have 56 themes at your disposal - among them upcoming themes shortly, photo themes, folder themes, company themes and much more. In addition, designers often add fresh new themes.

All of these beautiful designed pieces are a great place to start for anyone who wants to make their own individual piece. Like you would want from a top WordPress topic, all these themes are fast moving - which means they'll all look good on any machine. There are two plug-ins included with the theme:

is a bestselling page builder plug-in (with over 50,000 sold so far!) that allows you to build your own professionally designed pages in just a few moments using a straightforward drag-and-drop API. Layerlider ( currently with over 25,000 sold copies ) is also one of the most feature-rich sliders plugins for WordPress.

Featuring image and video capabilities, more than 200 pre-set 2-D and 3-D slideshow transition settings, and 13 different looks/skins, it is the ideal tool for the most demanding users. These two plug-ins are indispensable for Bridge and you will be prompted to immediately start installing them after you activate the topic (if you have not already done so). Bridging also provides natively supported three additional highly successful/popular plugins:

and WooCommerce (probably the most powerful eCommerce WordPress plug-in available), WPML - The WordPress Multilingual plug-in (the most beloved WordPress translator plugin) and Kontaktformular 7 (an unbelievably beloved WordPress web page plugin). Bridge is built using the latest encoding technologies (HTML5, CCS3, and jQuery), as you would expect from a topic of this calibre, and provides an outstanding range of visually pleasing designs, among them:

Bridging also fully understands all WordPress mail types - making it a good option for general blogsigning. There is a wide range of themes that are associated with this subject. Here are some fundamental samples of what can be done with Bridge: ...when you start installing and activating Bridge for the first time, your website will take on a first minimistic look; however, you will soon want to start either adjusting the colours, etc. via the preferences pane, or loading one of the many ready-made themes from which you can work.

Bridge offers a wide range of functions that becomes clear when you browse the Topic Option page. However, there is finite WordPress Customizer functionality, which means that you cannot make any changes to your customizations and view them in live. On the one-click imports page, you can easily select and select any of the 56 themes that come with Bridge (note: designers call these themes "demos").

You can either select all or just the example contents, Widgets or Option for each Theme. You can find these in your WordPress administration tool. There are 13 widgetareas in Bridge by defaults, but you can add extra user-defined widgetareas from the WordPress AddIts-page.

The design comes standard with two user-defined widgets: a Call to Action Widget and a Menus Mails-Widgeget. However, this is not a big hassle, as extra Widgets can be added using different WordPress plug-ins. All in all I was very much influenced by Bridge. While the number of things it contains may seem a bit overpowering at first, this is a problem largely covered by the pre-built themes that come with the topic (which gives you a less daunting point of departure for your work).

A remarkable exception from the topic is the ability to configure imports and exports of preferences. Bridging is a multi-faceted site, so it is likely that people will use it on more than one domain, but unfortunately there is currently no way to save your preferences and move them to another site if you wish.

Bridging is one of the most versatile WordPress topics ever published (it could even be regarded as 56 topics in 1), and the incorporation of Visual Composer means that pages can be designed with ease in both the back-end and front-end of your website. If you are activating Bridge for the first time, I suggest you load a theme (demo template) to better understand what is possible with Bridge.

ThemeForest sells Bridge for $58 at ThemeForest. It is upgraded every weekly and the developer provides great customer service through the comment section of ThemeForest.

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