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Wordpress bridge template

Choose an e-mail template from the e-mail templates drop-down menu that you want to use. Choose an e-mail template from the e-mail templates drop-down menu that you want to use. Adjustable boxes in the e-mail template: The following boxes in the e-mail template, From Name, can be customized: General constants in e-mail templates (here you can attach the name of your selection to the e-mail template selected):

General constants' are specific parameters that can be used in all e-mail template. Those general parameters are: - You can use this parameter if you want your site visitors to be able to access your site by sending their name. - You use this parameter to show the first name of the current messageer. - You use this parameter to show the last name of the current message.

  • You can use this constants to show the name of your website in e-mails. {user_account_page_link} -Suitable to use this constants to include a hyperlink to the page with the users accounts in the e-mail. Use this constant to include a shortcut to the WordPress logon page.

Moodle URL} - Use this parameter to include a Moodle page URL in your e-mail. E-mail template specified constants: New Moodle Account", {USER_PASSWORD} - This parameter shows the username and username of the website to which the e-mail is sent. The e-mail template " Order completion ", {COURSE_NAME}}.

  • These constants indicate the course titles in e-mails. Order ID} - This constants shows the order ID of the bought rate. Course Excess Expired e-mail template, {WP_COURSE_PAGE_LINK} - This constants shows a shortcut to the user's elapsed course. Order Reimbursement ", {ORDER_ID} - This constants indicates the order reimbursement ID in the e-mail template.
  • These constants display the customer data in the e-mail. Order Item} - This constants indicates the element associated with the order ID. Target _AMOUNT_PAID} - This constants shows the amount of money disbursed when the order was placed. Current Refund Amount - This constants indicates the amount returned to the student. Target Funded Amount - This constants shows the amount of money returned to the course purchaser.

Test e-mail templates: After you have finished editing the e-mail template, you can test the sending of these e-mails by entering your e-mail in the " Sending a test e-mail of the chosen template" box and click "Send test". The Site Admin receives a standard reimbursement notice when a pupil is granted a reimbursement.

Administrators can also ensure that only a few important e-mail IDs are alerted when a reimbursement is made by adding and saving that e-mail here.

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