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"#1132764 Contact Form" / Qode Topics We do not think that the contact form features will be upgraded because it is a basic contact form and if you need some extra field layouts, you can always use contact form 7 (which is backed by the Bridge theme). Please note that the contact page can be generated in two ways: a) Contact page templates, and put contact page settings in Qode Settings > Contact page b) Standard/Full page templates, and just insert contact form 7 item in Visual Composer http://screencast.

com/t/Dkl3jgxh. Here you will find directions on how to install/create the form in CF7: We realize that you like the contact page templates, but unfortunately there is no way to delete the actual form and adding another one, we're sorry.

However, you can still optionally insert items by hand, Google Map at the top and CF7 item at the bottom, with the text information you want either right or to the left. The Loco translates the text of a topic with the Loco translates plugin:

"#417949 Contact form does not work" (#417949)

There is no contact form for the bridge topic. Itemized my Qode option with my registered user name and password and tried the form several time. Hello Adam, you should make sure that you have your e-mails configured correctly in Qode options -> contact page -> send to and from. You should also contact your ISP and ask if the mailing feature is activated for your webhost.

In case you still have trouble, please email us your wp administrator account to investigate this issue further. It'?s the email feature on the serverside, I think. Can I deactivate the contact form? I will use to make a form. Even the email contents are not text/html.

Receive all your mails in a line. Hi, I found the folder \"theme/includes/ajax_mail.php\". I had a different inquiry than Pras. Please note my e-mail below. Hello, on this page use the contact form which is a third parties plug-in for which we do not offer our technical assistance.

If you have any further queries, please contact the plug-in technical staff. You can also try to use the contact form 7 plug-in which is Bridge compliant. Hello Leigh, from what Pras post, I can deduce that it made the changes to two rows (see below) in the design's /ajax_mail.php/ root folder: "Sincerely, it should be better to type in the side statement of the box to indicate \'e-mail from\' that it MUST be an e-mail adress.... because it says that it \'Enter a standard e-mail to appear....\', but it's not a news item, it must be an e-mail as I understand now....

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