Bridge Theme Custom Css

Theme Bridge Custom Css

"User Defined CSS" (#641838) / Qode Designs Hi, can you tell me how I like to put CSS on the bridge theme so I don't have to put it again when I upgrade? I think it should be in the documentary. Thanks, kind regards, darling. I' m sorry I forgot. There are many ways to study.

Please let us know if you have any further queries.

"CSS Custom doesn't work" (#1658471)

I' ve updated the bridge theme and the latest bridge child theme. And then I turned on the Bridge Child theme. If I go to Qode Options -> Custom CSS and type some CSS rule when I go to the FischerHeating page, none of my CSS choices will be used.

I' ve also disabled the WP Fastest option, so I don't think the WP Fastest option will affect it. Hi, please disable the WP Fastest CSS plug-in and verify the custom CSS. Sometimes bugs like lack of locking tag in custom CSS cause the following CSS not to work - make sure your CSS remains correct.

However, if the issue still exists, please submit the logon url and WP Administrator temporarily accessible in a CRIVATE RECEPLY. Sincerely, Hello, In additon to our answer below - if deactivating site coaching does not help, please disable all third-party plug-ins except packaged plug-ins (Visual Composer, Layer Slider...) and verify the custom CSS.

When you need further help, please submit the log-in url and your WP administrator account in a single public retrieval.

"The custom CSS of the theme does not work" (#1041331)

Hello, I have the Satellite7 Theme 2013 up and running. Hello, I've just reviewed your website and the custom CSS filename is loading from the theme, so if changes aren't adopted, then maybe you're not using a correct chooser, or maybe there's a spelling mistake within the available coding, so try putting your new coding at the top of the custom CSS box and retesting.

The new and enhanced Online Bridge Theme Dokumentation is online.

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