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"Adding Custom Fonts" (#382209) / Qode Designs Hello, how can I customize my design with fonts? Do I have the tip of the typeface and want to incorporate it into my website and use it? Please, see the enclosed fonts I'm speaking about. Hello, you can post and use your own fonts, but you need to do a few things first: - Make a fonts from your fonts, use a website for it.

#iefix''embedded-opentype' ), webfont. whereff''woff''woff''),' ttf''truetype' ),' svg#svgFontName''svg') ; - Füge den @font-faceode aus aus deinem html (wie oben), in WP Qode Options > Options générales > Champ personnalisé einfall. - This is the typeface to use wherever you want, e.g. : : Just make sure you substitute'MyFontFamily' everywhere with the name of your fonts and specify the address of the web address to your name.

I also want to use 2 different fonts. There is no way to customize these 2 fonts, which I sent before, by theme, which makes them easy to use. I have a plug-in in place to create customized fonts, and it has worked for me, thanks for help and technical assistance. I' d also like to include my own fonts and the Bridge crew description is a little too complex for me.

Hello Ricardo and Nathan, Whatever way you use to create a customized typeface, it won't be available in fonts drop-down menu - you'll need to use it on a particular item with customized styles. When using the @font-face methode, you try to use relatives instead of absolutes. First, you need to load fonts in all necessary file sizes onto your servers.

Main file types are woff, woff2, trutype - they should support most browser types. You will then need to add the following Qode Optons -> General -> Custom CSS box::'MyWebFont' ;:'webfont. woff2''woff2''woff2' ),'webfont. woff''woff' ),'webfont. ttf''ttf''truetype' ); just add path ways (URLs) to your fonts.

In order to make this typeface applicable to different page items, use user-defined HTML codes similar to this one: - You can assign a fonts, i.e. assign a fonts to the required item. Simply choose the typeface (which you have previously uploaded) from the Choose typeface drop-down list. Assign Fonts and the fonts should be used. Something's Schriftfamilie:'GreycliffCF' ;' woff2''woff2''woff2'' woff2''woff2''woff2''woff2'' woff2''woff2'' woff2''woff2'' woff2''woff2''

whereff2''woff2'' woff2''woff2''woff2'' woff2''woff2'' woff2''woff2'' woff2''woff2'' whereff2''woff2'' woff2''woff2''woff2''http://www.thisworldcan. com/css/fonts/GreycliffCF-Regular. woff2''woff2'' woff2''woff2'' ),' woff''woff''woff'' woff''woff''woff'' woff''woff''woff'' woff''woff'' woff''woff''http://www. woff''woff''woff''woff'' whereff whereff whereff''woff''woff'' woff''woff'' woff''woff'' woff''woff'' woff''woff''woff''woff''

where''woff''woff'' woff''woff''woff'' woff''woff''woff' ),' ttf''truetype'' ttf''truetype'' ttf''truetype'' ttf''truetype''' ttf'truetype''http://www. thisworldcan. com/css/fonts/GreycliffCF-ExtraBoldOblique. ttf''truetype''http://www. thisworldcan. com/css/fonts/GreycliffCF-Heavy. ttf''truetype'' ttf''truetype'' hi James, There seems to be something going on with your fonts urls - each ol gives us 404: not found bug when typing in the addressbar:

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