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Several options are available to customize the footer in Avada > Topic Options > Footer. On the Footer tab page, there are three subareas:

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Is it possible to delete the "COPYRIGHT 2014 REBRIDGE" displayed at the bottom of each page? Where can I put my own copyrights instead? With best regards, Where is the Widget / what is it named? FIND EDIT! @emmaweld, thank you for selecting our theme! Please, if you have any queries, open a new issue.

When you think how to manipulate the footer contents - copyrighted, you can do this under Appearance > Widgets and then manipulate the contents of the Footer bottom Center Widgets as you can see on

bridging footer

The |state= can be used to adjust the default appearance of this template: When |state= is not selected in the preset on this page, the default appearance of the preset is taken from |default= setting in the options preset of Collapsible. Used for the submission on this page that is currently being evaluated for auto collapse.

What can I do to change my footer? - Ambassadors harboured

The theme and pre-built website theme can be delivered with a pre-built footer that consists of several rows containing information such as your website logotype and corporate information, a link listing, community symbols or a newsletters page. You can customize your footer in two parts: the theme choices, which control the look and feel, and the widgets, which control what kind of contents it shows.

Since each topic is different, please consult your design set-up manual for detailed footer option guidance. Option s-such as how many column your footer has, how broad it is, what color and font it uses, and what the copyrighted text says are saved in the theme option.

In your theme document you'll find where you can find this option - usually you'll find it under the theme's shortcut in the administration area. This shows all of the widget areas on the page, as well as any footer fields or footer columns. Extend each one to gain control over this area of the widget and modify, delete or append specific widgets. What's more, you can create, modify, add or delete your own widgets.

When your design contains a tag with a picture emblem, embedded link, and some text, this is often done with user-defined coding, is hard to manipulate, and can damage your footer. Below you will find tips on how to restore this footer contents look with the standard WordPress Widget to make it simpler to use.

Apply your own logotype to the wideget. When you need to change the magnification, click Edit Image, select Custom for magnification, type 100 or less in the Altitude value, and then click Save.

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