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Copying Data for Support Request; Open Support Forum. Bridge Debate - Creative Multipurpose WordPress Topic However, if you need further assistance, please contact our technical assistance at Simply enter your page URL with wp-admin account and our agents will help you set up the required demonstration contents.

Can I do that with the WPBakery Page builder or do I have to use your bbuilder?!

Hi, thank you very much for your interest in our bridge topic. WPBakery Page Builder is our primary page creator, which is featured in our theme. Hello, dear customer service team, thank you for providing your issue ID. We' ve allocated it to our supporter who is working on it so you can soon see the answer on fickle.

Please be aware that you have been waiting longer because you handed in your tickets on Saturday. Please en-vato, there are many issues with this demonstration, I need a full reimbursement please! Hello, We have found your issue in our Supportforum with the same subject and it has been allocated to our supporter who is working on it.

Please contact our customer service department to help you set up your website within our theme. Hello, don't hesitate to open a personal issue in our Supportforum at and insert your page URL with wp-admin account, and our supporter will investigate it more closely. That'?s a great subject. style+js (at the moment it seems that the theme interferes with both style+js).

If you have a question like this, please contact our technical assistance at and enter your page URL with wp-admin account, and our agents will be happy to help you with anything that can be done within our scope. When I buy and instal the full Bakery software, will it work with the Bridge theme or will there be conflict?

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Hello, Our design uses a customized Visual Composer with our shortcuts, and the latest Visual Composer design compliant product is 4.12. If necessary, we will make Visual Composer theme upgrades available, and you will receive the latest versions of this plug-in with upcoming theme upgrades, so please await publication in the near term.

However, if you have an older copy of Visual Compose already and cannot upgrade to 4.12, then you should upgrade the theme to the latest release and then simply remove your Visual Compose and your desktop should display a message that a needed plug-in is absent, you should download and enable your Video Compose via this message and you should receive the latest compatibility copy of VC.

As for the frontend version of Visual Compiler, it has been deactivated because it causes certain clashes with some scripting in our topic. It can be activated by changing part of our codes. To do this, please send a request to and our technical staff can tell you how to enable Frontend Virtual Compiler.

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