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Copies/replaces the contents of the bridge folder into the /wp-content/themes/bridge folder of your website. To learn best practices for using the BRIDGE theme, you can import content from our demo website. In order to access a discount on the Bridge WordPress theme, if available, or to access a discount hosting to build that theme, follow the links below.

Reactive Retina AJAX/Parallax Theme

There are two ways to deploy this WordPress theme: With bridge. Zip in the zipped archive you download from, you should follow the procedure below: With the Bridge folder inside Bridge. zipped archive inside the zipped archive you download from, you should follow the procedure below:

So if you are planning to create an on-line store with our theme, please refer to the WooCommerce section of this document before installing trial contents. For best practices in using the BRIDGE theme, you can download from our demonstration website. One click is all it takes to deliver our theme with the help of the Importmodul.

The LayerSlider demoslider can be imported by finding the exported ml folders in the All theme related documents & data archive that you can find on your Downloads page at ThemeForest. Simply go to the LayerSlider item in the dropdown list on the right and select LayerSlider from the list on the right and select LayerSlider from the list on the right. To update our topic, follow the instructions below:

Copies/replaces the contents of the bridge directory into the /wp-content/themes/bridge directory of your website. Do not hesitate to ask us questions about the use of BRIDGE's functions. Note F.A.Q. cannot be saved - Microsoft Windows XP does have a restricted number of menus by Default. If you are importing our demonstration site, which contains many menus, you may not be able to make any changes to the menus.

What is the best way to convert or change standard topic names? You can use the button to translate/rename all of the theme's label. Another way is to directly modify the topic folders/languages/de_US. po files in the text processor and process the translated label files by hand. If you get a blank display or an issue when trying to load our demos, this is probably because of the limited runtimes.

It is necessary to set the maximal run timeout (upload time) of your webhost. On webmasters, the standard max run timeout is 30 seconds. You can overwrite some of these items either local, in the short code or page preferences (e.g.

Page caption text colour in Notepad or page caption layouts in user-defined Qode cells when you edit post/page/portfolio items). BRIDGE theme element consists of primary colours. Wallpaper colours (content, bodies & boxes), highlighting colour, selection colour, wallpaper, pattern wallpaper. All of these include built-in colour control, while you can overwrite them in other parts, shortcuts, and user-defined panels when you edit pages, postings, and portfolios.

Allows you to select the standard Google fonts to be used on the attachment. You can use this box to set the smoothly scrolling effect for your website. As a result of this option, the upper part of the head area is scrolled with the help of the top level menus when the lower part of the head area is set to the lower part. Adjusts the menus shown in the last two values.

Here you can create page titles that can be overwritten in user defined sqode boxes for each post/page. The animated track area allows you to select the start location of the track area. The Text shadows check box allows you to turn text shadows on or off for the caption, and the Text shadows setting box lets you specify the font size for the caption area.

The appealing cover picture allows you to adjust the picture size to match the width of your webcam. Altitude of the caption is determined by the elevation of the picture after it has been adjusted to the width of the web page. You can use the Cover picture box to select the standard wallpaper for the Cover area. You can use the Cover Design Overbody picture to specify the standard Overbody design picture for the Cover Area.

You can use it to adjust the size of the track area and it is used when the picture is not adjusted to respond. Titles positions allow you to define the location of the text. Pre-defined track size allows you to select a pre-defined standard track type (small, mid and large). Once the submenu on the LH side is activated, it is displayed in the LH area with the logotype, submenu and the widgets for the LH area.

Allows you to make overall adjustments to the lower part of the contents displayed directly above the bottom line. Select which user-defined widget area to use to fill that area with contents. Allows you to specify overall attributes for the blogs lists and individual pages. Here you can specify the Google Chart zooming setting (default is 15).

Allows you to specify the contents of the 404 page. The Bridge Theme comes with the following user-defined Widget and Widgetareas: The Bridge theme allows you to add multiple side bars. Allows you to specify your own customized widgetbars in the User-defined widgetbars section at the bottom right of this page. If you want to build a page, first build a new page and choose one of the 3 templates in the Template box in the Page Attributes section:

On request, one of four side bars can be enabled in the following items in the Qode Editor section of Qode Customizing Fields. Here you can select a user-defined side bar that you have made. The BRIDGE Topic Blog uses tagged pictures as priority pictures that appear on the Blogs lists page. Enhanced imagery is also used by default as the first image in each posting.

The BRIDGE theme support user-defined mail-formatting. Every style will create a section with user-defined boxes below the editors. Ensure that user-defined section are selected in the screen option at the top right of the WP Dashboard. Much like the Blogs listing, Blogs singles also allows you to manage side bar choices in Qode Custom boxes. When the Select side bar for panel option is empty, the wide area of the side bar is used.

The standard templates pages are in the raster. There is a big distinction between Large Logo and Large Logo templates. Large Logo templates display the entire contents of a particular posting. Then, in the Qode settings, you need to go back to the Contacts page and see extra Google maps boxes.

The standard screen for full width document pages is full width. Select Blogs Categories - this box is only used for blogs submitted. Post per page - this box is only used for blogsites. Type the level control or the short key of the code slide control - in this box you can insert the level control or the short key of the code slide control.

Create the folder as a user-defined mail item using the WordPress toolbar on the far right. To add an item to a policy is the same as to create a blogs entry. The selected picture is used for portfoliolists. There are 7 different layout choices available in the Select Individual portfolio views area. Our theme also allows you to add video together with pictures.

Note that when you add a new stock image/video to your listing, if you want to view a movie, you should skip the picture box. If you have selected Vimeo or Youtube in the Videofield, you should simply insert the Video-ID. Generate a user-defined labelname (e.g. project URL) with the "option points". You can add the Portfoliolist from Visual Composer by clicking Add Portfolioelements in the To Qode section of the Add New Items Window.

Test reports are generated as a user-defined contribution types and are located in the WordPress home page located on the far side of the page. You can add the Test ament from Visual Composer by clicking the Test ament item in the By Qode section of the Add New Item pane. The Bridge Theme comes with the fantastic Visual Composer plug-in.

Our items (shortcodes) that have been added can be found in the To Qode section of the New Item Assistant. Notice that our shortcuts have user-defined attribute. Several of the available Vital Composer items are upgraded with our user-defined features. The line shortening code, for example, has the following important user-defined attributes: An Anchor ID box in the Hauptmenu allows you to specify a line ID.

Allows you to enter any other shortcodes you like in this one. With our Quode control, you have a powerful way to make some stunning faders. It' simple to insert, modify and remove faders using our user -defined user interfaces. First, you will see our section "Qode Slide" in your administration area. Insert new transparency - Click here to insert your first transparency.

First, you need to load an picture for your foil wallpaper. Search for the box Picture and load up your picture. To use a videobackground instead of a slideshow, you need to choose the videobackground option and make sure you have typed the right pathname for 3 kinds of videos: wetm, MP34 and OK.

It is also possible to specify the location of the thumbnail and whether you want the videos to be transparently overlayed. Eight boxes exist for the contents of the slide: Added slideshow options: Head styles for this styles - With this box you can specify the head styles for the slides, the standard value is defined by overall headings.

Once you have made a new slide bar, it will appear in the spreadsheet on the right side of the window with the short code information that has been produced and is in use. This short code character chain is for example used for the About Uslider. This is the short code property explanation: Animations mode - select one of two pre-defined animations modes.

Assumed readings are 'slide' and 'fade' example for using the About Us slider: To use the newly added sliders, simply copy and paste one of the speed dials from the Sliders section into the Enter Layer sliders or the Qode slider's speed dial box in the Qode Customields section. An Anchor ID box in the Hauptmenu allows you to specify a line ID.

Any shortcut can be added to this control. Contents drop-down list is a drop-down list consisting of page segments that allows you to create web pages with one page. First, you need to insert some line links to your homepage (each line is a submenu point in the area menu), then you need to modify each line: just click Modify line and choose Use line for contents list? and fill the Title and Icon section if you want.

In addition, you must place an anchors for each line so that the page with the contents menus is navigated to that particular section when you click on it. Then, insert a line of short code where you want to be your contents list, modify this line and choose the Contents list mode and store. Partallax is our uncomplicated plug-in for the creation of picture effect of partallax while scanning through the page.

  • The default width for images with text over short code is 100%. - The user-defined symbol border (px) - symbol animation: Short forms of the inventory listing are presented in the section entitled Portfolios. First, you will see our section "Qode Carousel" in your administration area. First, you need to up-load a picture for your roundabout article.

Search for the carousel picture box and load up your picture. You can also add a carousel picture for this carousel article, just find the carousel picture box and click Add. The minimum width for the picture format is 210px. In order to activate your backend you have to go to Qode Option -> Edit -> Social- -> Choose yes and store it.

The Bridge Theme comes with the integrated solution that allows you to set up an on-line store. To set up your own e-commerce with our theme, please follow the instructions below: When you are planning to upload demonstration contents, click on "Skip Setup". If you are importing all pages for voocommerce or if you are creating a store page, you need to go to your backend and choose your voocommerce template for all your store pages.

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