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Now, in the icon list for example I can select an ICON from a long list with names. Ahh, the magnificent bridge theme for WordPress. "Toolbar" (#248131) / Qode themes Hello, I really miss a previewer of the available symbols. Is there at least a list of images somewhere? Now, in the icon list for example I can select an ICON from a long list with name.

I don't know what the icon will look like until I have saved it and taken a look at it.

Do you have a list of all symbols with thumbnails somewhere? Perhaps you could include this one in the near term so that we can see the symbol, not the name. Hi, on the website below named website of the reverent fonts, there are a bunch of symbols that don't appear in my list when I edit my website.

Need I refresh this icon list? Thank you, hello Nathan, the latest release of Font Awesome Icon Pack 4.7.0 is not available in the latest release of the theme and we will be updating the Icon Pack in upcoming releases. We' ve already said that you have to give us your wp-admin credentials in your personal tickets, so please submit your credentials there and we'll be happy to help you with any issues you may have.

Best wishes, Yours sincerely, Hello, There are even more listings with symbols like Linea icon and Dripicons. Does a graphics list of all these also exist? Is there a way to include custom symbols in these listings? Sincerely, Hello, Is there still no way to upgrade the Topic Icon Package?

Hi Charl, New Font Awesome pack is not yet available. I' ll keep our developer informed about the problem and provide you with new information shortly.

"Show all icons" (#354926) / Qode Designs

Is there an easiest way to see the symbols? fa-bar-chsrt doesn't tell me much, and I have to try individually. What is a simpler way to see all the symbols? Thanks, but isn't there a subdirectory in the tree that contains all of them so I can use Windows Explorer instead of the 7 pages I had to dump and browse every single times I needed an icon?

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