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"<font color="#ffff00">landing page with its own menus" (#793875)

I' m using the Bridge Landing Page templates for a landing page... but I want it to have its own menus (not the website menu). Is that possible or not? Since I don't understand that the landing page templates are header-less, I tried to convert the page beacon to a regular page templates, but then it shows the website's menus and headers.

Hello Galia, yes, the landing page is headless. A separate landing page with its own top drop-down list containing its own entries, regardless of the entries in the top drop-down list. You can do this by using a different pattern, adjusting the head so that it is translucent, and hiding the foot area.

Okay, maybe I wasn't clear enough, I want to make a page with a custom menus, exclusively for that page and unlike the menus on the other pages of the site. Hello Galla, Unfortunately such an alternative does not exists within the topic, we are sorry:(... We sincerely hope that you will comprehend this.

Thank you for your interest in our topic.

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Hello, right now the only way as I can see to get contents, counter etc over an picture is to use a slide bar, but then I can only have title and text over the picture. Hello Paul, This page has been designed so that there is an outside line with the wallpaper that contains inside lines with their contents:

We' ve sent the attached page to you so you can build a test page, go to classical page modus, insert the page header information and see how the page was made.

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Our landing page will be changed, which we don't really know how to do. Do you also know a website or a workshop in Español about bridges? Our intention is to use Visual Composer to create our website, and we have already installed the plug-in. "The topic above needs the following plugin:

It'?s WPBakery Visual Composer." I' ve been reading that there are many issues with this plug-in and Wordpress 4.5 so we want to know how to fix it because we want to work on our site with this plug-in or the like. Deleting a folder and adding the plug-in and this once I could do it.

Thank you for your while. Hello Jordi, I trust you are satisfied with our topic and our customer service. To help us make it even better and more effective, please go to and just add a five stars review next to the name of our topic.

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