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"#244633 - Changing the Logo Bridge" / Qode Themes Log image in different states can be modified via Qode Options > Headader and Footer > Headader > Logo and there are upload boxes for logo upload. I' ve modified my logo! And so I posted my logo, but it seems to be too big. Hello, Jesse, there are head elevation settings in Qode Options > Head and Footer > Headers > Head elevation .

Sincerely, Hello folks, is there a way to completely mask out the headers logo (or not show it at all)? If I click on the entry box for the headers logo in the Qode settings, a dialogue opens asking me to select another picture, but I just want to turn off the logo.

Could you tell which logo you want to conceal, whether it' initially or viscid? Logo in the head box (I think it's the first one) and the adhesive one (which appears in the scroll). Hello, If you want to suppress all logo editions on your website, you can insert the following HTML in your own style sheet under Qode Options > Global Options > Customizing CSS:

"Remove Bridge Logo" (#476903) / Qode Themes

Hello! I'm trying to delete the bridge logo that is placed in the head area by defaults. It' been removed from the Qode > Logo drop-down list, but there doesn't seem to be any effect. Is there anything I' m lacking? It's my first handling of fp. Thanks a million! Hi, please substitute all codes contained in this document with the following code:

"_logo\ ", \"Logo\", \"fa fa fa f coffee\"); ->qodeOptions->addAdminPage(\"logo\", ); = new QodePanel(\"Logo\", \"logo\"); ->addChild(\"panel1\", ); new QodeField (\"image\",\"logo_image\",\"\"\",\"Logo Logo Images - normal\",\"Select a standard logo picture to view for \"); ->add child (\"logo_image\", ); new QodeField (\"image\",\"logo_image_light\",\"\"\",\"Logo Logo Image - Light\",\'Select a logo picture to be displayed for \"Light\" scalp\'); ->add child (\"logo_image_light\", ); new QodeField (\"image\",\"logo_image_dark\",\"\",\"Logo Logo Image - Dark\",\'Select a logo picture to be displayed for \"Dark\" scalp\'); ->add child (\"logo_image_dark\", );

New QodeField (\"image\",\"logo_image_sticky\",\"\",\"Logo Image - Sticky Header\",\'Select a logo picture to be displayed for the \"Sticky\" type of header'); ->add child (\"logo_image_sticky\", ); new QodeField (\"image\",\"logo_image_fixed_hidden\",\"\",\"Logo Image - fixed advanced header\",\'Select a logo picture to be displayed for the type of the \"fixed advanced\" header); Add child(\"logo_image_fixed_hidden\", ); = add new QodeField(\"image\",\"logo_image_mobile\",\"\"\"\",\"Logo Image - Mobile Header\",\'Select a logo picture to be displayed for \"Mobile\" Headertyp\'); ->add child(\"logo_image_mobile\", );

new QodeField (\"image\",\"vertical_logo_bottom\",\"\",\"Logo Logo Image - Side Menü Area Bottom\",\'Select a logo picture to be displayed at the bottom of the side area of the menus for \"Initial Hidden\" side area type\'); adddChild (\"vertical_logo_bottom\", ); = new QodeField(\"text\",\"logo_mobile_header_height\",\"\"\"\",\"Logo Height For Mobile Header (px)\",\"Define logo altitude for movable headers\"); adddChild (\"logo_mobile_header_height\", ); = new QodeField(\"text\",\"logo_mobile_height\",\"\"\"\",\"Logo Height For Mobile Devices (px)\",\"Define logo height für mobile devices\ "); ->addChild(\"logo_mobile_height\", ); -> then go to your Admin Panel -> Qode Options -> Removing Logo -> Qode Options -> Removing Logo

Before I replaced the codes, I took out the logo, but the bridge logo is still in the headline. Substitute the source image within the image as we have described, and then go to Qode Options -> Logo remove all images and click save! Needed an extra modification of the theme\ overhead heading at the php files.

I' d also like to delete the standard Bridge logo. Can you publish the extra changes to the theme\ headers? Phil files? Hello, Ethan, can you please tell me what your current rendition of the bridge theme is? When using one of the latest releases (e.g. 7.5 or 7.4), after these first changes in map.php filename you have to open the appended files in a text editing program (Notepad), choose and copy all the contained codes and substitute the available codes in the headers. pdf filename with that.

In case you are using an older Theme release, please send us your access data in a personal note here, so that we can adapt a little of your own customization. Hi again Radu, The changes we made for you in the headers. Phil and the ones you made in the maps. Phil could not have done that.

Sincerely, Sincerely, Is this still an effective way to mask the standard bridge logo or what? Hi, Yours sincerely, Hi, is it possible to make the bridge logo removal tool publicly available? If I want to delete the logo, I have the same issue. Sincerely, please delete the Bridge logo from the Bridge theme.

In order to illustrate this, modify the logo as shown below to make your logo image easier and then copy and paste the whole headers. image as shown in the text attachment below? I' m using the latest release of Bridge. Do you need to be more detailed about your problem, do you want to delete the logo or just conceal it?

The logo can be hidden with user-defined style sheets and you don't have to modify theme file. It' s very hard to believe that for a topic as widespread as yours, something as general as the removal of the bridge logo is missing from your documents with care. In case the product is related to a certain editions, the corresponding step by step can be found in your detailed "Logo Dive Depth".

Well, since I followed the less than appropriate statements below, not only does my domainname show a disastrous bug, but I can't even login to my Wordpress at all. Now I have to completely erase the theme, add another demonstration and copy the previously finished work. Do you realize that this is a top score threads when you click Google's "Remove Bridge Theme Logo"?

If the latest bridge upgrade was download last weekend, please post in this topic the precise details of the upgrade process. Also, please advise your staff to add an easy way to delete the logo along with your own special instructions on how to do this, both through using bss to fade out and through changing the phone book to complete and edition-friendly removal in your next upgrade.

Deleting the Bridge Theme logo entirely from the File Manager system by modifying the web pages/code. Hiding the Bridge Theme logo with CSS. How to do that? Hi, 2nd If you want to conceal the logo with your website logo, please submit the website address and we'll delete it. Sincerely, how do I delete the bridge logo and substitute it with a picture I have?

Hello Qode, I'm having trouble getting the bridge logo removed, as soon as I take a user -defined logo from the bridge logo, it will appear and I can't get it out. I' ve been using your topic for a few years and my designer has gone without specifying the date of sale, and I can't get in contact with him, and because I don't have the most important features of the products, I can't create a seperate issue.

I' ve tried to figure out the process of doing this by going through open ticket to get the bridge logo off, but I'm not a programmer, so it's hard to figure out what to do. Could you please help me? Or do I have to alter the topics? Hi, go to Qode Options>Logo and create your own logo for each field:

Best wishes, Yours sincerely, Thank you for having posted the screenshots on how to manipulate the logo! Thank you for using our design. Sincerely, I've tried everything in this threads, I know that you all enjoy the documentary, but no, where did I see the answer to removing the bridge logo and replacing it with my own logo.

I' ve deleted the bridge logo, I' ve stored changes, I' ve inserted my logo into every logo options. Yes, my PHP is 7.1, and I have a licence and when I went to file a personal issue, the dropdown link didn't contain the bridge theme, so I had to go this way.

Hi Lori, Please be aware that you don't need any extra encoding to substitute the logo. Removing the added logo and try to change all your logo again - under Qode Options>Logo. Continue to troubleshoot the problem and upgrade your design: To correctly upgrade your design, please obey the steps in this tutorial:

Best regards to everyone who wants to delete the bridge logo without having to change it or mess with theme.php files: Visit Qode->Logo and substitute all logos with a translucent one. Create your own or try the picture appended here.

Hi, Please notice, the simplest way to delete the logo is with a section of the customized style sheet that you can add to the Qode Options>General>Custom Clients field: ; Yours sincerely, Yours sincerely, Thank you for that! Sincerely, Hello, I would also like to delete the logo (do not replace). However, the user-defined below css seemed not to fulfill the purpose.

Hi, I see you've been able to delete the logo: if the problem still exists on your site, please clear the web browsers memory and review your site.

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