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Parallax as a bridge theme

I' ve designed my website with your theme, Bridge. I don't know how to take a full-width parallax picture. I' m using Bridge from Qode for this page and have a little problem with the parallax images.

"Parallax in full width" (#579344) / Qode Themes

I' ve designed my website with your theme, Bridge. I don't know how to take a full-width parallax picture. Actually I adjust the line style to Line or Extendable, then it showed the full width page what I want. But I switch the line style to Parallax, then it got smaller. how do I make Parallax effect on my page?

You can see the picture after the slide when you go to my website. Hello, for each parallax you should verify the following: - Pages should be a \'Full Width\' page style - the line style should be a \'Parallax\'. We found that your parallax picture is too small. Now your actual picture is 1555 x 800px:

In your imaging software, please process the picture, reload it and let us know if this was useful. Changing the picture resize will display it in full width!

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Hi, with respect to the parallax section, for Parallax to be in full screen mode, you must activate the Full Screen Height checkbox in the Parallax Settings: However, on this page there is the Qodelider ( not parallax section ) with parallax effect, which is activated in the slidersettings.

More information on using this kind of sliders can be found in our documentation: When you want the Qodelider to be displayed in full screen mode, the altitude parameters in the slider's short code should have an empty value, like here: Full screen in the Qodelider should be 1920 x 1200px.

Bridge Debate - Creative Multipurpose WordPress Theme (page 166)

Hello, thank you very much for your interest in our topic. When you mean that only one picture can be shown on the new page that opens when you click "View", then you can select how many pictures you want to individually include in your inventory. It is also possible to fade out the Viewer key and only display the Viewer key if you want.

Now you can select whether you want to use 1, 2, 3 or 4 column in your bottom line, so yes, you can only use 2 or 3 if you want.

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