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It is also possible to upload a separate logo version that appears in the full screen menu. Several logo versions and optional separate logo for a complete menu. "#266172 - New version of Bridge" The guide to using the latest version of Bridge says: "How to upgrade Bridge theme? To update our topic, follow the next steps: Copies/replaces the contents of the bridge file to the /wp-content/themes/bridge directory of your website". So, you need to FTP to your FTP connection to your FTP site and then browse to the wp-content/themes/bridge directory of your website, then copy all the bridge file from the bridge directory you unpacked and insert it into the bridge directory on your FTP site.

You' ll probably be asked if you want to write over the file, so click Yes. Once all the directories have been downloaded to your computer, you have successfully upgraded the design. Sincerely, is there a schedule to add an updating function directly in Wordpress dashboard, like many other WP-topics?

Hello Greg, of course we have this in our Do-To-To listing, and we have tried Envato's plug-in on it, but it has a flaw that needs to be fixed before we add it to our topic. The new and enhanced Online Bridge Theme Dokumentation is online. Updated your nice theme from my dashboard - thanks for the help.

You' re welcome, and thank you for using our topic. The new and enhanced Online Bridge Theme Dokumentation is online.

Adjusting Responsiveness in the Bridge Topic - Envato Hosted

This tutorial describes where to find Bridge fonts resizing capabilities to optimize how your faders and contents look on your portable workstations. Generally, you are at the mercy of the theme's initial look, the reactivity it involves, and the attitudes it provides, so that you have complete command over how things look on phones.

Since there is such a variation in the portable display resolutions, there is also the difficulty that it can't ensure a perfectly clear display of every display out there and only aims at default size (320-768 cell phones, 768-1024 trays, everything else desktop). In general, we suggest you compare how the theme demonstration relates to your website to see if there is a built-in feature in the theme or if there is a feature flaw with your controls or the contents of your page builder.

Test on actual equipment is best, but you can preview Bridge on a default iPhone with the following preview url by typing the id of your demonstration in the box at the top of the screen and then repeating it to allow your site to compare: You can find a detailled list of the factors in the documentation of the bridge here: Generally, paddings and borders added to your slider or Page Builder row and column are not scaled when using pixels.

That means that a line that "wraps" the contents with borders instead of boxing them in the option modes will append the same amount of giant cushions to your portable display, truncate text, or lead to corrupted layout. Rather than using Paddings, select In Grid for the model in your line option.

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