Bridge Theme Video Background

Theme Bridge Video Background

I' m not sure how to insert the video like the demo into the background of my header. I' m trying to create a password-protected page with the bridge theme. "Installation of the video header" (#843467) / Qode Themes Could make a slide bar, but I'm not sure how to put the video like the demonstration in the background of my headers. I have placed the video on my homepage. Hello, you can do this by modifying some of the headings.

Browse to Qode Options > General first and verify that the Always put content below the header checkbox is NO if - well, if not - changed to NO.

Then go to Qode Options > Headers and change the headers translucency to 0 and make sure you don't use any of the headers skins: And that's all. Doing so would make the translucent headers applicable to all pages.

"Full-screen video on the landing page" (#667172)

I' m launching a website that' re basing on a demonstration of yours. Bridge 41. The first page of the website is a full-screen video in the background. Therefore I loaded my video via Worpress Mediaproload, put it in a foil, put this foil on a fader and copy this short code and paste it into the page in the box'Layerlider or Qode with short code'.

I have to make changes on the page if I do? Hello Hiep, if you want to have a video here, please watch these screenshots to find out what exactly you need to do: Generally, you are adding a raw item, editing it, using the Line as Full Screen to YES checkbox, the Video Background to YES checkbox, and entering the information for the remainder of the video background choices you need to use.

Can I use a full-screen video as the target page with your target page style, or how can I best achieve this? I used your proposal below, and although it works for the most part, all text levels don't change the size, so your target page never needs to be scrolled.

I' m currently using your Qode slide control for my destination page, but the foils arrive so hacked off that it looks terrible. I' d think converting these transparencies into a video would be a better choice? You can find my actual page here: and my testlanding page is here:

Hello Dani, yes, you can have a full frame video with a page land pattern.

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