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"Woocommerce" (#1349202) / Qode Topics Hello, I have a big issue with Woocommerce. I'm trying to edit a box via chacout. I have to remove some boxes and edit the wildcard. The first issue is that a part of chacout is in German and a part is in Italians. The second issue is that I can't edit this box (send standard boxes): please can you help me?

Sincerely, ok thaks. Sorry, but there is no woocommerce_configuration. I found something similar in /wp-content/themes/bridge/woocommerce/mya account. Hi there, 1. sorry, this document does not exists in newer topic releases, so please don't use this workaround. We' re in the middle of solving this problem, but we need more urgency (we need to get in touch with the development staff for more information).

Sorry because you are waiting, but we will do our best to find a way to modify the checking out boxes, thanks for your time. We' ve received from our development staff the response that they had to modify the structures of some WooCommerce related data in the last two upgrades (in our topic) due to the newer WooCommerce 3rd x upgrades, and at the moment we can't offer you a fix for changing outboxes, sorry.

They' re working on it right now, and it will be added to the next topic release to be published in the next 7-8 working day, so please be patience. Sincerely, hello, I just download the new version, now? Yours sincerely, just to get started, I have overwritten the check-out boxes with the woocommerce_configuration. also previously overwritten my phone number.

It does not work after the Bridge 12 upgrade. The " woocommerce-config. php" can be edited in the directory framework/modules/woocommerce. to overwrite the field (function "custom_override_checkout_fields"). Although this does the trick, it's not perfect because you loose changes to this asset with every bridge upgrade and it can't be duplicated to a sub design to overwrite it.

It is not possible for me to erase items such as my firm or telephone number or to change the placeholder in my cash register application as well. Tried to copy the framework/module/woocommerce/woocommerce_configuration. php into my childs theme and added the feature "custom_override_checkout_fields", but it doesn't work. This is not what I want to do with the initial design, as all changes are erased with each upgrade.

Did you already find a way? Unfortunately, this cannot be done using the children theme, since not all children theme data can be passed on and not all children theme data can be changed.

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