Bridge Version

bridged version

Activate the Java Access Bridge for Windows. bridging design Jake: Not to go into it, but how did it work out? So the bridge version is a liar! "{\a6}Allors le (bridge version)est un mensonge"? 1 )the abstract, 2)the abstract, Jake: Not to go into it, but how did it work?

Amir: shortened version? Well, if Amir's telling the shortened version now and wants to tell Jack it's a lies. Only in English can he say: "This is a lie" "c'est un mensonge" "le version de abrégée est un mensonge" Yes, this is what it should be. Amir should just ask: - La version court?

He says "abridged version" in English. Should I follow the English version? Amir can ask if you want to keep to the original: - La version abégée ? It is a proper word-for-word rendering. It' s just that "la version courte" is more likely to be played in actual use.

When you have enough spare moment, ask the client whether they want a verbal or true translated text. I' d use the actual version and put the literature in parentheses with an star and the end of the page refers to what you have done. e.g. * la version Courte is the usual use in French, while La version abrogée is the verbatim English version, but is not often used in the spelled tongue.

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