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This tutorial shows how to integrate an Adobe Bridge web gallery into an existing website. It is no longer available with this latest Bridge CC 2018 upgrade. It is no longer available with this latest Bridge CC 2018 upgrade. Or is there an alternate way to simply build web galeries with pictures in the Photosuite? LIghtroom is able to do this, but it doesn't suit my work flow and I don't use it very often.

In Phocus, I took my pictures and printed them out, converted them into various file types in Adobe Acrobat Reader and then created web-galeries using Bridge. Please note: The following update has been made since the Bridge CC was released in October 2017: Added a new PDF working area to produce PDF sheets native to Bridge.

You can find help information under Creating a PDF Contactsheet in the Outputs Workspace.

Create a web photo gallery with Adobe Bridge

When you want to customize the way your pictures are displayed on the web, Adobe Bridge gives you a fast way to build a web gallery. Caution: The following movie was created with Adobe Bridge CS6, and Adobe then removes the Adobe Bridge CC and CC 2014 standard installers.

You can, however, recover the output modules by following the steps here. Check out our Movie Guide for more information on how to build a large variety of web gallery of your pictures. These are the step-by-step guides as shown in our video: Notice that Adobe Bridge calls the resulting HTML page "Index" when it builds a web gallery, so you want to move the page to a subfolder when you use the gallery as part of a webpage.

Otherwise, the page will not work with other originals and pictures because "Index" is used as a shared page link. Check out our videotutorial to see all these moves and hints. We' ll also discuss how to make contactsheet and picture layout with the PDF output options and how to adjust gallery with HTML and filmstrip template.

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