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If you want to link or embed your website, please let us know. Join the Bridge Elementary School in the historic city of Lexington, Massachusetts. AZ Adobe Bridge Center YEARLY SESSION ON 19 NOVEMBER. Please log in online. Please register with the Rotary clubs.

Begun Thursday, October 11th == 9:00-11:00 in the morning. New in the area? If you like playing bridge, but don't have a boyfriend, your first one. THEY DO NOT SAG..... not only distrustful and vigilant of others, the axe murderer institutions.

Twelve sheets of paper.

Austin Bridge Center, Austin, Texas, USA

Join us at the Bridge Center of Austin, where the best match in the whole wide universe is out. There is a wide range of open, fun, start/intermediate matches and a wide selection of courses. Each of our matches has pre-duplicated planks / manual recordings and tab top scoring equipment. When you need a BCA match affiliate, call Robin Tucker at 512.917.1133 or send him an e-mail to

Stand-by affiliates are also available for the following matches. When you come without a teammate, you must arrive at least 15 min before the beginning of the match or before the unit if there is a prelude hour. BCA is a Zero Tolerance Society. Our Clube is a Clube where everyone can look forward to a civilian gaming adventure.

Get a new bridge gamer into the BCA and you'll both be playing for free! "How we do" to get notifications about specific incidents, pictures and more! Nearly all couple playing hand games at BCA are "Common Game" hand games. Compare results with those of gamers in many other club's across the nation, analyze many hand's after the match, provide "par" results and perform face-to-face "analysis" on them.

BCA has a monthly e-newsletter to keep guests informed about forthcoming specific matches and activities.

Group 550 Website

There is no need to be an experienced Unit 550 member or member. Working with club owners to run and administer the club's own facilities. Please get in touch with Ken Llacera or a member of the Board or respond to this e-mail to provide your name for the 2019-2020 Board of Directors elections or to find out more.

Here are a few hints to make our play better and more enjoyable for everyone: Thu Eve (10/11) to see the results. To see the results, click on Do (10/11). To see the results, click on Wed Eve (10/10). For full results, click Wed Aft (10/10). Press Di Eva (10/09) to finish the results.

Press Di AM (10/09) to finish the results. To see the results, click on Mon Eve (10/08). To see the results, click on Mon Aft (10/08). We' sind die American Contract Bridge League (ACBL) von Santa Cruz County, Unit 550. It is our business to encourage the play of the bridge, assist the six bridge teams working in Block 550 of the SCRC, create a comfortable setting and run efficient double bridge play venues in Santa Cruz.

Your clubs plan will list the standard rules of your clubs. Unit Gaming is available from the menus on the right. If you click Calender, you will see all of this month's matches with changes from the normal timetable. Please call one of the Bridge Clubs owners below or the local Bridge Clubs Association (SCBC) with your question or affiliate request.

Scores: When you are interested in a bridge or improvement, you can obtain a condensed listing of courses by pressing "Bridge" and choosing "Lessons". Most information about Unit 550, the Board and its members can be found on this website. Under Awards, for example, you will find a listing of the Unit 550 Life Masters.

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