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The Bridge is a simple and efficient multifunctional theme that lets you create your e-commerce, blog or portfolio website. "Best/Best way to submit a cookie to the Bridge website" (#1248034)

It is recommended to enter Google Track in Qode Options -> General -> SEO: This way, the design is stored in a data base and is retained when you upgrade the design. But if you insert the source directly into the header.php archive of the theme, it is common for the source to go away, as all source archive items will be overridden when you refresh the theme.

In order to prevent this, you must edit this document using the sub-theme. This way the changes will work after the theme is updated and you will not be changing the theme's higher-level theme as well. First, you need to reinstall the sub-topic like any other theme (the zip archive is located in the directory containing the setup directories you download from Themeforest) and enable it.

FTP the header.php files to the Bridge-Child directory - the location should be like this: If you are updating the theme, be sure to refresh only the higher-level theme.

Bridging is a straightforward and effective multifunctional theme that lets you build your e-commerce, blogs or portfolios website.

Bridging is a straightforward and effective multifunctional theme that lets you design your e-commerce, blogs or portfolios website. Featuring 24 layouts and 210 one-of-a-kind demonstrations, it makes it easier for you to design your next website. Ensure that the Bridge theme is enabled by going to the Appearance page -> Themes.

Activate the Use the translator editor checkbox in the How to translate post and pages section and click Save. Bridge Theme is supplied with Visual Composer. Please see our document page for detailed instructions on how to compile your Visual Composer content. In order to compile a portfolio, you need to do the same thing as for all other kinds of pages.

Please also check out our document page here to learn more about the translation of the website itself. Portfoliocategories can be updated on the Translation Editor monitor while your pages are being edited. There you can compile both the items and your own portfolios. Choose the portfoliocategories from the drop-down box and a listing of your portfolios will appear.

Use the + button to select a specific linguistic type and use the dialogue field that will appear to enter your name. Note that categorical translator are universal: when you make a modification, they are always refreshed. The most frequent samples are topics and plug-ins. In order to find out how to get these translated, please see our String translator page.

You can find further information in our menu translator guide. Slider Revolution plug-in comes with the Bridge theme. See our Slider Revolution multi-language slider creation guide to help you compile slider files made with Revolution Slider. When you work with a website development company, please use our website translations assistance board to get help compiling the contents of your website.

You are an expert developer specializing in the development of websites in multiple languages.

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