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Like and why the installation of Bridge for WooCommerce Plugin. In the beginning we explain why you need the Bridge for WooCommerce Plugin. "Directions for setting up Woocommerce with Bridge" (#653581) I' d like to find out how we can add Woocommerce to our current bridge site so that we can integrate a store page to be able to offer a few articles for sale. Am I just installing Woocommerce and it works with Bridge out-the-box on an exisiting website? Will Woocommerce work with any of the Bridge Qode demonstration subtopics or can it only be used on the demos included in the Shops sub-section on the Bridge Qode demonstration site?

I' m worried that because Woocommerce wasn't set up when the site was first set up, this may cause some problems, or that it's only interoperable with certain demos (if you know what I mean)? Hi there, Essentially you are only installing Woocommerce and it should work with Bridge on a regular basis on an already established website.

Whether the demonstration is used or not. If you want to e.g. use our Demo-Shop with the topic Demo-Import, you have to activate the Woocommerce-Plugin before you want to get the same look. But if you already have an existent website and just want to have Woocommerce added, you can simply activate it and setup it according to the directions in our doc.

Sincerely yours, so I've WooCommerce up and running. My page is blank and the end users input blanks are also blank and without limits. Since the topic is promoted as WooCommerce integrates, I was expecting that the style for it would already be clarified. I' d rather be able to change the CSR for the Woocommerce boundaries; can you please help me point me in the right directions to fix this?

Hi there, the topic is Woocommerce included, which means that it works correctly with this plug-in. Recognizing that some of the style choices need to be added, we will continue to share this with our design team. In the meantime I can provide you with a customized version of the HTML that should solve this problem for you, but in the near term please submit the website's links so that we can test the source files more effectively.

Allows you to specify your own customized style sheet in Qode Options > General > Customizing > Customizing > Customizing CSS: With best regards, thank you, the.css file has worked, and I am now able to reset the wallpaper color to my favorite whites for this page. Hopefully you will be satisfied with our topic and our technical assistance.

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