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As with any high-quality WordPress topic, you have access to extensive topic-specific documentation. The add-on is installed and activated like any other WordPress plugin. Dokumentation - Events Ticket Shortcut for Bridge for WooCommerce

The most important thing we have often gotten a complaint about is that clients have not been able to see how many seats are still available for the particular show. It changes this and, if enabled and enabled, allows you to use the shortcut[tc_woo_event_tickets_left] on the events page or[tc_woo_event_tickets_left id="123"] on another page or entry where "123" is to be substituted by your Events ID.

Like any other WordPress plug-in, the add-on is automatically loaded and enabled.

WHMCS bridge installation

The WHMCS Bridge plug-ins can be installed by following the following instructions. Please note: After installation you additionally need the WHMCS Bridge Program software installed. WHMCS Bridge Professional should I use it? Thanks to the SSO, your clients can log on to your website once and annotate your blogs, exchange information with their colleagues, order hostings, and settle their invoices.

PatchShow the IP addresses of your clients instead of the IP addresses of your servers during registration. Automatic redirectAutomatic forwarding of clients who visit your MMCS site to your WordPress site, works for supporting tickets link, billing link, etc. Once you have activated your license for your bridge, please go to the folder below and fill in the fields labeled your license and your license number.

Wholesale purchase - Documentation

We recommend that you have PHP 5 for best results with this plug-in. Unpack the Mass Purchase and Group Registration folders to find two zipped archives in them. You want to install one on WordPress and the other on Moodle. Install WordPress files:

Click on the'Upload Plugin' pushbutton and load the expansion package " Bulk Purchase & Group Registration " which is intended for WordPress and which you initially download. Once you have found and upgraded the plug-in, click the "Install Now" icon. Once the installer has succeeded, click on the'Activate plugin' hyperlink to do so.

As an alternative, you can unpack and load the plug-in file "wholesale & group registration" with the FTP client of your choosing. Type the licence code specified in the purchasing e-mail in the "Licence key" box and click the "Activate licence" icon. Please note: Each licence exhibited is a single-user licence.

Migrating the plug-in from your hosting site to your living site requires you to first disable the licensing code from the hosting site and then use the same code on the living site, or you can purchase more than one licensing code for your site. Choose " wdmgroupregistration. zip", choose plug-in type as local plug-in and up-load it.

When you click Start Migration, your current mass purchasing information is imported into the new plug-in. As soon as the final payments have been made, the student will receive an email with a hyperlink to the "Register Students" page. 1 ) The Select Group drop-down list shows you all course groups that you have bought in large quantities.

Choose the group to which you want to assign your pupils. 2 ) You can visually edit the course registration detail by pressing the "Add new user" icon. 3 ) Type the first name, last name, and e-mail adress of the person you are logging in to and click Log in Now.

Choose the group to which you want to assign more places. Choose the group to which you want to attach more items. Please click on the button Enter product. The system displays a listing of all items for which group purchase is activated. Choose all the items you want to include in the group and continue with your cashier.

Amount for these items is chosen according to the number of places you have in this group. Choose all the items you want to include in the group and continue with your cashier. Amount for these items is chosen according to the number of places you have in this group.

As soon as the sale is completed, you can register the student for all classes together in the group. Are you still having second thoughts about the plug-in? Feature added to include items in the same group. Feature to increase the amount for all group items. Functions for editing the group member detail on the registration page.

Functions for creating a management function for the group managers when purchasing group merchandise. Creates a unique group for more than one item at the point of sale. Ability to unregister a member of the group for the back-end. E-mail alerts about the group course purchases. E-mail notifications of new members when they are added to the group.

E-mail alert about the deletion of group members from the group. Ability to turn off e-mail alerts. Redesigned the registration page with a new look. The self-registration feature has been deleted from a separate page of the course and a group buy feature has been added to allow group buying for the courseware. Automatic self-registration when buying an individual course, the users are registered directly to the products course.

Prepared plug-in translations. Don't allow adding or removing quotes from a listing if it is selling and the number of available quotes for the listing is greater than 0; don't allow a listing to be removed if it is selling and the number of available quotes for the listing is greater than 0:

Avoid registering the same person for the same courseware.

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