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Bridging - Creative multipurpose WordPress theme from Quede The BRIDGE is a multi-purpose retinal WordPress theme that is perfect for almost anyone. If you are creatively looking for a contemporary web site, a company website, a law firm, a dental practitioner or a professional, Bridge is your best option. Bridging is an excellent option if you need an excellent website for your hospitality, business, your online marketing company, or if you are interested in photographing, architectural, fashion, designing, traveling, musical and much more.

Not only is bridge a topic, it is a compilation of stunning samples with many functions. Simple to read and extremely customisable, we've made the Bridge demos to make your job much simpler. Twenty-four design options - Explore all the options of Bridge with twenty-four new design options - from default locations to genuine and cutting-edge design.

In our range of imaginative ideas you are sure to find the right answer for your website. Videotutorials - With the brand new Videotutorials, which include step-by-step installation and updating of the Bridge theme and quick bridge demonstration entry process, you can get even quicker with Bridge.

NEW fullisting functionality - Bridge now has a fully featuredisting plug-in that allows you to build lists and directoriesites. Contains a new listed mail style, a wide range of shortcuts to display your offers and much more. NEW Full news functionality - Build your news page with Bridge.

Bridge now has a wide range of shortcuts specially developed to show articles in nice message and magazinestyle layout thanks to the great headline plug-in. New Full restoration functionality - With Bridge Restaurants plug-in you can make a nice and fully functioning restoration for your restoration or café. Build a retaurant meal, view your working times, let customers reserve desks by linking your website to your OpenTable accounts, and more.

New front-end log-in functionality - With the brand new Membership Plug-in for Bridge, your website visitors can build their own account or log in through their own community members. Simple to use, high-performance administration user surface - BRIDGE has an incredibly intuitively simple administration user surface. Automatic Update - Tired of having to update your WordPress theme via FTP yourself?

Refresh BRIDGE by clicking a Envato Toolkit tool icon. Introducing Quick Links Custom Post Type - Make all your latest messages and important upgrades readily available at any time with the Quick Links feature. Completely adjustable headers - Select between top and side position for your headers.

10 different headers, each with its own option, to meet your needs. Every page can have its own user-defined headers with a black or bright background and a different colour and translucency. Specify menu style and turn on a page range, search, headers top and fullscreen menu with a click of a single icon.

Completely adjustable cover area - Select from an appealing cover picture, a parallel axis cover picture, an enlarging/decreasing cover picture, or no picture. Select the location of the text. Select different kinds of animations: Annotate the text, annotate the entire cover or no annotation. Select colours, dividing lines and much more.

Completely customisable Megamenu - Customise both the default and portable megamenus, creating broad or regular submenus at the same go, choosing the broad meal layouts with or without symbols. Apply Widgets to one of the broad menue column and make any desired outline. Build great one-page websites using anchor buttons in the main window.

Link menus - Select a link menus instead of the top head and build nice webpages. See an example of a website in the navigation on the Left by selecting Live Preview. It is possible to select a wallpaper suitable for the whole area of the submenu on the right. Full screen menus - Simply activate the nice full screen menus that open when you click on the 3-bar symbol (Hamburger) in the headline (if activated).

It is also possible to create a seperate icon that appears in the full image menus. Snap Headers - You can snap the headers so that they will snap to the page and snap them to smaller size when you are scrolling the page. Sticking headers - You can adjust the sticking headers and the number of scrolls (relative to the top of the page) for which the sticking headers should appear.

When there is a slide bar on the page, the slide bar level is the standard "scroll amount" for the look of the tacky heading. Various logos revisions - Various logos revisions for early and tacky markers as well as black and bright marker skin, the portable menus and more.

The Qode field - You can turn the Qode field on and off. Once the scan is activated, a scan icon is shown on the right side of the screen. Select from a selection of different type searches. Contents/Section menu - This consists of page rows/sections. The contents submenu allows you to create web sites with one page or pages with their own independent navigations.

ON/OFF AJAX motion - Select from 4 fluent AJAX motion changes between pages for a rich viewing experience or turn off AJAX to build a traditional website. In addition to the pre-defined simulations, you can also build your own scenarios by selecting different simulation modes for each page. Custom CSS3 Annotations - Select from our library of CSS3 annotations specifically created for a smoother, more enjoyable CSS3 annotation viewing.

Includes Visual Composer for WordPress ($34 value) for free - The drag-and-drop Visual Composer Page Builder for WordPress saves you a lot of working hours on your page work. You can now produce sophisticated layout in just a few moments! Parallax Bonuses - BRIDGE offers an awesome bonuses function - easily created parallax pages, great for a presentation, microsite or new homepage.

BRIDGE offers full WooCommerce Ready assistance for the WooCommerce e-commerce plug-in that allows you to market your product on-line. The Qode Cousel - A full width roundabout slide control plug-in. Allows you to select between 7 different individual portfolios and 7 different portfoliolist suites. Specify a required number of column for each portfoliolist and select one of our stunning portfoliolist hyperimages.

Blogsayouts - Select the best look for your blogs. The BRIDGE site offers a large selection of blogs laid out with care, all of which can be easily added to any page. Blogs Vertical Loop layout - A full-page blogscape that scrolls through your postings with a single click. You can use AnkerLink to link menus to different parts and tell your tale in a stylish way.

Bulletin page layouts - Generate full-screen pages with bulllet guidance and scrolling capabilities. Vertically Divided Screens - The abbreviation Vertically Divided Screens allows you to make an stunning design that looks like a Vertically Divided Window slide bar. Divide the display into two parts and mix useful information with eye-catching pictures.

BRIDGE - Retina Ready contains high-resolution symbols. BRIDGE will make your website look great on high-density retina display and high-resolution monitors. Page_SideMenu - BRIDGE has a page menus widget area with an unseen scroll bar. Gravity Forms-CSSSS - Use the most beloved form plug-in with our Theme.

Contacts Form 7 CSS - Use the most favorite freeform plug-in with our theme. The Masonry Gallery lets you stunningly lay out your website's link pages, leading to every page on your site. Modern, Pro Class Designs - This theme is created by a group of pro class designer focusing on usability and distinctive styling styles.

Passe-partout features a wide range of possibilities to adapt them to your needs. Select between the symbol packages Font Awesome, Font Elegant and Linea. Socially - Activate your socially minded contacts and easily divide the functions with one click on a single tool. Parametric Layers - Use the Parametric Layers keyboard shortcut to build stunning multi-layered segments that track the motion of the cursor.

Perform perfect code - encoded in HTML5, CCS3 and jQuery, this cleverly designed design is 100% true. Module side - BRIDGE is supplied with a pre-defined one. Children's theme ready - Make your own children's theme using the supplied children's theme doll. This is the ever increasing number of bridge demos:

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