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Wordpress bridge theme support

The Bridge is a premium theme that can be used for any website you may have planned. Topic documentation is good, except for the settings for the contact form, which is much too confusing. I' ve just bought Qode's Bridge Theme and it comes with a visual composer that I've never used before. Please contact the author of the article for assistance.

Bridge Critics - Creative Multipurpose WordPress Theme (page 18)

having made many improvements to accelerate my website, I have a very good host on sdsdisk, with LiteSpeed the best experienced website host, but the analysis of my website is full of many scripting, too much. Very few plugs I use, the essential plugs, like youth, CF7, and the revol and layerslider within this theme!

I' ve tried my homepage with gigmetrix, pins, webtestpage and so I have 1.7 megabytes loading in 7 and more seconds! it's unbelievable how many scripting are in this topic! So I asked them to support topic help, and they're not able to suggest anything to me... so it's one of the badest topics I've used.

Outstanding support. After all, this is the best support I've ever had with an Envato franchise. Thanks a lot, I'm happy to be sharing my experiences with you, I'm really amazed by the build of Bridge Theme, the designs and upgrades, I buy more than 10 items on the net, but I'm happy with Bridge, really you are number one.

Thoroughly thought-out utilities and fast support. Per support with useful tips to try to solve the user's issue. Large selection of functions integrated into the theme. Our support is fast and uncomplicated. Topic dokumentation is good, except for the configuration for the feedback request forms, which is much too bewildering. Then the support makes up for it.

Bridge review - Creative multi-purpose WordPress theme (page 79)

It is the best Wordpress theme for any of the projects I have used so far. You have all your styling choices under control and your support staff is fantastic. Liebesbrücke of QODE!!!!! My favourite subject is bridge: the demonstrations are nice and work well! If there are problems, you can expect outstanding support.

l like bridge! Also, the support is great! Excellent look, mostly simple to adjust, several options of inventory view including. The best of all is a good after sales support if there is a problem! It'?s a very good subject. Bridging is definitely my favourite theme of WordPress. She has a nice and exceptionally adaptable styling and component, rugged functions, is simple to use and offers great support and great up-dates.

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