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30 beautiful example websites with Bridge theme 2016 Bridging is an outstanding creative multi-purpose WordPress theme from Qode. The company has a turnover of over 32,500 and a 5-star ranking in Themeforest. It' the best-selling new theme from 2014 and has recently been upgraded. Bridge offers you a good starting point for a professionally looking website and an imaginative webdesign.

This theme is a mysterious invite to gamble, mix and match, and create to create a truly personal brand. Bridge is the perfect tool for you, with lifelong automatic one-click periodic fixes and ultra-high quality technical assistance. Bridging has many widgets that can be used according to the layouts of your website.

It will help you to get the audience excited and you can use Bridge to make or sells anything. Interoperable with the free WooCommerce plug-in and encoded in HTML5, CSS3 and jQuery, Bridge is your Go to Theme if you want an amazing website. Among the functions that make Bridge very attractive are 24 layouts and more than 2000 different choices.

Complete suite of chart-tools for simple share. And you can even post your own personal emblems. Two complete sentences of writing symbols - fonts Awesome and Elegant. Have a look at how some sample sites have made innovative use of the Bridge theme functions. And Carla used the bridge theme to get to a global public from the heart of farmland, USA.

Qode Slider and the customer roundabout are prominently displayed on their website. The Garlic Media Group has a web page containing a videoclip and a clear cover page briefly explaining its service. While scrolling down, the clear, adhesive headers become black and white so that the menus stay open to make it easier for a user to browse the website of this brand.

The Chocolate Arts Bridge theme is used with the additional WooCommerce plug-in. Your website will present the offered service in an orderly manner, with a selection of the two symbols - Font Awesome and Font Elegant. Bridge's customer roundabout was also well used. Headers are vertically and socially accessible images are very clearly displayed.

This website is in ltalian and here the Bridge language translator convenient. It'?s a bridge thing. LayerSlider and Portfolio Layouts from this topic are available on the homepage itself. A skiing teacher, Robin Gillon, has used Bridge very interesstingly and invites you to dare a jump.

The Cairn Expe is an adventurous tourist enterprise and has used Bridge's grayscale gallery function to show us the exciting places they have been. The Church Apps uses matching symbols from Bridge's Font Awesome and Font Elegant Symbol Sets to keep people informed about their services/features.

If you want to create a website for your community, take a look at this varied theme book. The customer merry-go-round travels upwards to uncover the bottom line. The LayerSlider was used on the homepage under the motto Bridge. Bilyeu Heather is a luxurious realtor and has selected Bridge to present her range of products andervices.

Symbols selected from the fonts Awesome / Elegant Symbol were placed against an event to give them a beautiful note. When they designed their own website with Bridge, they took advantage of fonts option, the interactivity meter and the grayscale galleries formats. Your LayerSlider contains annotated pictures and even your headers own logos containing interactively annotated bridge items.

It' s elegance and traditions that Elusio must highlight on her website, and Bridge has proven to be a good choice for this use. LayerSlider and Bridge's gentle transition show the visitor how to pamper your pet. You have presented your service with Bridge and familiarized yourself with the broad palette of typefaces by Font Awesome and Font Elegant.

LayerSlider on the homepage, designed on Bridge, only slightly amazes the user when he switches from pictures to a movie in one of the levels. Bridge's Drag and Drop Page builder and Visual Composer was used by Claurus to emphasize Claurus' products in detail. BahobaoDigital is a Viet Nam-based online marketing company that has developed web apps and launched Zoco, Vietnam's first ever online lifestyle service.

Your bridge-based website is minimalist with a vertikal headers on the leftside and a portfolios screen that scrolls down. The website has fantastically optimised the portfolios and carousels of the Bridge theme to present its clients in an impressive way. From the Bridge theme, the Zero counters interactively show how far they have come.

Mok provides creativity strategies, digitally branded products and designer work. Its sample website is constructed with the bridge theme. Bridge's ZeroCounter Interactive feature allows you to keep an overview of your numbers. This is a big job, but Bootcamp explains how they will do it with interesting Bridge icon.

Slovenian Incentives selects from Bridge interesting symbols, extensible segments, layer sliders and folder choices to present the event they organize and their work. The majority of the bridge theme pages selected here have some things in common-the WooCommerce plug-in, call to Action button, contacts, and community symbols that all come together to create a great storefront e-commerce adventure and maintain the steps.

Bridging is a good choice for e-commerce businesses and e-commerceommerce. Qode's radio button is full of many user-friendly and useful features to set up all your preferences, and it is also possible to use this multi-purpose theme for other sites. It' d be great if we could know how you used Bridge!

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