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Questions and answers from Bridget Jones's diary. Student guide for Bridget Jones's diary. The Bridget Jones Diary Study Guide contains a biography of Helen Fielding, essays, quizzes, main topics, characters, and a complete summary and analysis. View the video on Bridget's theme from Harry Gregson-Williams' Bridget Jones:

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The Bridget Jones Diary Topics

One of the essential elements of this tale is the theme of charity. In her manuscripts, Bridget repeatedly recalls such an abstracted phenomena, either because she desires it or because she denies its significance for humankind. Me? Why doesn't anyone like me?" At the end of the history there remains the expectation that it will reach the end of loving and being liked.

Helen Fielding says even lovemaking can be painful (e.g. someone's fraud situation). Unfortunately, such "catastrophic" events have not occurred so seldom in the life of the character (Judea Richard, Daniel and Bridget, Mr. and Mrs. Jones), but some of them have such a persistence that they are able to pardon the errors of their mates.

Both Geoffrey and Una Alconbury, and Mr. and Mrs. Jones, who emphasize a number of special features of wedlock for years (family tradition at Christmas, everyday life). Bridget is asked at every wedding celebration why she hasn't established serious relations. Elderly emphasize the biologic watch, which informs about the elapsed times to start a proper care.

In another context, from Mrs Jones' point of views, for example, the role of the host is not always the best way to live together, as the partner's responsibilities are usually shared. We know that the protagonist is always backed by her heroes, her boyfriends, both in luck and in times of trouble. Your council keeps Bridget and the other members of the "family" from doing meaningless things.

Tom's vanishing is the climax of the development of the friendship theme, when everyone realizes that boyfriends are exactly the ones who will comprehend you in every circumstance, supporting your choice, whatever it is. Based on the author's idea of a friend approach, it should be a group of individuals who sit down again and again, spending their free moments in animated discussion of general types of problems and trying to demonstrate their points of views.

This is a kind of peculiar familiy in which everyone is protecting their "relatives" from environment influence.

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