BridgeWebs, the simple web solution, was used to create this website. The BridgeWebs is a very interesting website. Websites for Bridge Clubs & Clubs The BridgeWebs provides a way for a clerk, scorekeeper and other members to create and manage a joint website for a bridging group, district union or bridging mistress. Working with ScoreBridge Scoring software, BridgeWebs is easy to setup and requires no understanding of website design.

"When you are considering creating a website for your organization, your shire, or your bridging instructor, but think it might be too scary, try the BridgeWebs real-time website. "When you want to have a free BridgeWebs evaluation for your own Bridging Center, district chapter or instructor and you want to try it now, click on the picture above, simply click on the easy directions on the monitor and you will immediately have a website with the menus and most of the pages already on it.

Up to 3 month your Rotary clubs will be included in the "Trial" programme so that you and your Rotary clubs can rate them. "In order to keep your BridgeWebs site up and running after the end of the testing phase, it is available from £40 GBP ($80 US Dollars, â¬60 Euros) per year.

No additional charges for members of the clubs, no FTP downloads, no word processing, no html editor.

Bridge weaving in the App Store

Bridgewebs allows the user to directly browse the Bridgewebs website detail on their smartphone, focusing on the latest information. You can personalize it so that you can type in which club you are playing, and then you can quickly view the information for all the chosen club.

It is not necessary to change pages for each team. In addition, the networking connection has been optimized to store recently watched information on the phone and minimize the amount of information you download over the Internet. Results view shows similar detail to the clubs website, personalized scorecards, boards and hands if available.

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