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Search and search for all iSkin iOS themes that you can install on your iPhone or iPad. Nice designed homepage, which are all managed via an option field. eCommerce WordPress Themes. You can download any topic and use it for free.

Create & deploy your iPhone & iPad without Java break !

Browse and download your own custom themes from the iSkin Topic-Designer Community without jailbreaking ! Check out this videotutorial to learn how to setup a topic and check out the FAQ page ! And if you happen to be an iPhone OS Topic Creator, you can login/register to your iSkin user interface here and begin creating and managing your own non-jackbreak themes!

It' simple to load your designs onto iSkin and migrate them to non-jackbreak version files without any problems (see our videotutorial). For more information about why you should sign up and post your topics on iSkin, please see the FAQ page!

Install themes on your iPhone without the need for jailbreaks

Unfortunately, as the queuing for a new break is getting longer and longer between versions of your iPhone, the break jail community is becoming less and less dependable to get the functionality you expect from the latest release of iPhone. If you' re sick of waitin', iSkin is a new plattform that can be used directly from your Safari web browsers to deploy themes to your iPhone without jailbreaking, and we'll show you how to use them in this tutorial.

While it may seem too nice to be real, and in some ways it does, it is now possible to have application icon apps with themes on the home screen without having a jump break. Well, for now, yes, it will Add thematic application icon to your home screen without a jump break. Creates thematic application icon to your home screen; it does not substitute your current ones.

Generally iSkin will therefore create links to your home screen. That means you want to insert all your iOS symbols into a single directory and then conceal them once you've download a thematic package of application links. When you are sure that you want to continue, you can perform these procedures to choose a topic that you want to install:

1 ) In Safari, browse to the iSkin website on the iPhone or iPod touch that you want to use as the topic. 2 ) Browse all topics by scrolling down and tapping the Browse all topics icon to see a listing of topics to choose from: 3) Select a topic that you want to use. We will use the midnight topic of citydog123 for our example.

4 ) Now touch the Application Symbols tool. In this section, you can choose which applications you want to thematize on your home page. 5 ) Touch each of the application' buttons you want to thematize to choose it and make sure you give each application the name it should have from the text boxes that appear to the right of each one.

6 ) When you are satisfied with the choices you made and the name you generated, browse all the way down and press the button Install icons. Click the icon you want to remove. 7 ) An input field prompts you to hold for a few seconds while the setup is in progress, and then prompts you to create a configfile.

8 ) Proceed by pressing the Install icon. 9 ) If you have a passphrase, type it in and then touch the Install icon again. Touch the Install icon to accept the new settings. 10 ) After installation, touch the Done icon to return to Safari.

11) When you get back to Safari, it only takes a few seconds for the themes package to install on your home page. 12 ) Hold for a minute and then go to your home page and scrolling to the last page. You will see all your new thematic application icons: You can now move these thematic application icons wherever you want them to be and move all your initial application icons into a single directory so they don't detract from your work.

Some things you need to know about using iSkin. We' ll discuss the following points. iSkin will want to set up a config that is not trusted. We' ve tried it and everything seems to be fine, but some folks are much more careful than me when it comes to setting up configs because they have much more private information on their machines than I do.

At any time, if you ever want to delete it because you're annoyed with it or because you want to delete a topic you're using, you can start the Settings application and go to Settings > General > Profiles, then tap the Delete Profiles icon below the profiles you want to remove:

In case you mistakenly insert a thematic application symbol into your home page that you don't want, or if you want to eliminate a topic, you can simply erase the thematic application symbols from your home page by switching to jump and tap the play key displayed on the symbol.

It' personal to me it's a make-or-break for me (I like my own jump brake, thank you!), but it will still be a possible choice for those who want to design their equipment without a jump brake. Additionally to the application icon for your home page, some topic packages contain background images that match them.

Unfortunately, due to Apple's restrictions, you can't use thematic UI items such as Notification Center, Control Center, and more. While most themes are simple to get without having to create an iSkinccount, some of them are premier and you will be asked to create a free iSkinccount. The developers work really hard on these issues, and as the years go by more are added.

iSkin is not a flawless themeing plattform, but yet the possibility of adding thematic application icon without jailbreaking on your home display is something that some folks will really appreciate.

Are you going to try iSkin?

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