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These are the best Android browsers! High-speed browsing experience. What browser is most common on any common OS?

But the problem with these totals is that they summarize site visitors from websites with portable and Desktop platforms where the browser choices vary widely. I used the May 1, 2016 to June 17, 2016 data to analyze the results and distributed the results over Android, Windows, OS X and ifOS.

Firstly, as open plattforms, in the past desktops have promoted the emergence of alternate browser types and facilitated switching. Consequently, between 50 and 60 per cent of all Mac and Mac computer endusers choose a browser other than the standard one. However, for portable OSes, modifying standard settings is much more challenging (and almost not possible under iOS).

Exactly why Google's Chrome and Apple's Safari are so dominant. Secondly, stand-alone browser are fast becoming extinct. Seven years ago, Mozilla's Firefox was a power to reckon with. By 2016, adoption is close to a single-digit percentage, with Chrome now marking it as the browser of choice for nondefault users on desktops.

Moreover, Firefox has had little or no impact and is a statistic indicator on portable computing platforms. So if you're wearing an Android player, there' s a good chance you'll be using Google's Chrome, which is used by default on every player that does Google Player work. Stocks Android Browser is the second most favorite.

Together, all other browser devices account for only about 5 per cent of Android phone and tablet data transfer. So the only surprise name in the All Others group is Amazon's Silk Browser, the standard selection for Kindle Fire Tables. This browser makes up 1. 9 per cent of all Android usage, more than Opera and Opera Mini (1. 6 per cent) and Firefox Mobile (1. 2 per cent).

Have a look at the figures for iPOS, where Safari (including Safari's in-app browser) represents more than 96 per cent of all iPhone and iPad data transfer, if you thought Chrome's domination of Android was overpowering. It seems only most hardcore charting enthusiasts take the trouble to install the charting application, which is just a wrapper around Safari.

Desktops that have traditionally been open to system-level third-party vendors are much more competitive among browser users than they are on wireless devices. In total, almost 40 per cent of all Windows usage uses the standard browser: or its Windows 10 substitute only, Edge. Google's Chrome is the clear first option, with Firefox as the remote third.

Like i pointed out in a different analyst recently that 5. 5 per cent proportion for edge is actually a little better than it looks. In the May-June timeframe, Windows 10 made up more than 26 per cent of all Windows PC use. This means that about 21% of visitors to Windows 10 Edge appliances use.

However, this means that nearly four out of five Windows 10 adopters avoid setting up an alternate browser instead. The browser used on most Macs is Safari, but only just. About half of all Mac OS X Mac OS X adopts either Chrome or Firefox instead of the standard one.

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