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Latest UC Browser version: UC Browser now also available on the PC. The Google browser, fast and easy. The UC Browser - Descargar The UC Browser is a well-known web browser on mobile devices that is finally also available under Windows. It is very similar to Chromes, but with some additional features and more customization options. The UC Browser joins the endless list of chromium-based browsers, which explains its relative relationship to Google.

The UC Browser gets Chrome-like results in popular testing, although in some cases it does a bit worse. In any case, it also has an engine to display web pages as if it were Explorer. Chrome also borrows extensions that you can install directly from the Chrome shop.

It' re compliant with many Chrome extensions, but not all. Additional features include UC Free WIFI, which shares your connection to the web with your phone (or whatever you want) by creating a VPN access point. In Windows, UC Browser blocks advertising via AdBlock lists.

Many alternative browsers especially improve the customization of their appearance, and UC Browser is no exception. It even has a button to change the subject quickly. At the moment, UC browsers have few themes, but they are of good quality and involve a significant change in appearance, not like Google Chrome themes.

As for the splash screen, you have two choices: one classic, similar to Opera Quick Marker, and another, made up of elegant bubbles. The UC Browser for Windows is an interesting Chrome based browser with some additional features, easy to configure and easy to use. However, the overall amount is not so impressive that Firefox or Chrome is thrown in the trash unless you are already a UC browser user on your mobile phone.

As expected, it works very well with the UC Browser application and synchronizes tabs and bookmarks.

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