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web browser themes

The choice of a topic can feel like a critical decision. Therefore I developed the theme browser. Modifying the appearance of the IceDragon page explains how to change the overall appearance of the browser.


Navigate to Settings > Topics. Choose one of the pre-defined themes or make your own by pressing the "+" key. When you click the "+" icon, a topic edit appears. You can use colour selection or enter a text colour coded text to modify background, foreground, highlight and accent colours.

When you' re done making your design, give it a name and click Save. Topic Planning allows you to adjust your preferred topics to be activated at specific points during the course of the workday. Thus, for example, a lighting subject can be activated in natural lighting and switched to a more dark subject in the evenings. Select Settings > Topics.

Activate planned themes by selecting the'Change themes to change' checkbox. Move the slider to customize the start points between topics at midnight or at a specific point in and out. You can use the drop-down list to select which topics you want to plan. Besides working on the colour scheme of the UI, you can personalise the browser by attaching an icon to the tab area.

In order to activate and modify this feature, go to Preferences > Display > Window wallpaper and activate the Show window wallpaper tick boxes. It is also possible to choose whether the picture is resized to match or repeat. You can also choose to mix the picture with the window accent color or not.

Modify the appearance of IceDragon, website themes

Choose 'Add-ons'. To see the Firefox Add-ons website, click Show More Add-ons below. To see recently added and favorite themes, click Designs. Choose the topic and click "Tap the Preview" to see what a persona will look like. Click "View more high ranked topics" to search available topics. Once you've found a topic you like, click it to go to the Downloads page.

It' easy to select which topic or individual you want to use by simply selecting the "Topics" hyperlink in "Add-ons Manager": In order to delete a person or topic persistently, click on "Remove" in the corresponding line.

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