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Android OS (operating system) is a relative newborn compared to older and established systems. News, tips and advice for technology experts It' a difficult tricky issue to resolve, but of the many browsers available for the Android tray, which one should find its way as standard? How could any other web browsers have a shot at this, since the built-in web browsers are already optimised for the platforms? The best Android browsers were put to the test, and I was actually amazed by the outcome.

However, before I continue, let me tell you what browsers I tried and what my testers were. And Chrome is also a great webrowser, but since it's not available for most Android tablets (it needs Android 4.0 and above), I decided to take it out of the mixture.

Instead, I just saw the browsers on my Samsung Galaxy Tab from Verizon and rated them accordingly. Each of the points were rated between 1 and 5 for each web browsers, and the highest overall point at the end was considered the first. It is the standard web browsing application that ships with all Android tablets, and it is the most commonly used web browsing application for these types of tablets.

It' s not nearly as feature-rich as some of the other browsers on the site, but it does the task perfectly. These are the final results for the integrated Android browser: Favorites function of the integrated Android browser: The Firefox is far more feature-rich than the built-in Android web browsers, and the latest version of the open code flag ship web browsers offers a powerful home strike.

Firefox favorites function: Provides a number of interesting functions (gestures, sonar, add-ons, and more). However, even in the betas version the web browsers are sound and a dignified competitor for your Android tray. Dolphin for Pad favorites function: The Skyfire also provides the simplest way to switch between Mobil and Desk-Mode.

Favourite Skyfire feature:) has been around for quite some while, and it's been available for Android for longer than most folks think. The Opera has a special function named Opera Turbo, which will compress pictures for quicker upload. Despite many functions Opera provides a very clear user surface. Browsers are scoring in the order from best to worst:

Unexpectedly, Skyfire prevailed. Skyfire is the winning product in combination with the additional functions of the webrowser. Skyfire, however, is designed to work seamlessly with the Android tray and provides the performance and functionality that any modern computer would like. Are you using Skyfire on your Android tray?

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