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Create your own website for free. It' simple and free. or Build a free website or blog and create a professional website with

A lot of companies offer free domain registration with a hosting purchase.

Create Your Own Website - Free Evaluation Version

Using the EasySiteLive software makes it easier for everyone to create their own website. When you can send an e-mail, you can use your own software named EasySiteLivePro, which is so convenient to use. Choose what your website should look like by selecting one of our professional web template designs for your website.

You can move and place your contents wherever you want with the easy pull & pull user area. With just a few mouse clicks, your new website can be uploaded to the web for the whole wide community to see. Launch your 21-day free evaluation! Create your website now!

Create your own website with Azure for Free in 5 mins.

Creating a website has never been as easy as it is today with the new CMS, but the configuration for the launch and operation has always been a time-consuming task; the configuration of the data base, the provision of the link sequence, the configuration of the domains, the creation of an ftp site for uploading your website....etc. "Websites " is a new function of Windows Azure.

With a simple assistant you can get your website up and run in a few moments. It' free! Windows Azure lets you build up to 10 free sites. We' ll take this step-by-step guide to creating an Azure affiliate and then creating a website with Umbraco CMS (but you can also choose your own CMS, e-commercial templates, forum, website, PHP website or even HTML pages).

2- Start your web browsers and browse to Click on "Try it for free" 2- On the next page you will see a listing of the functions you will get for free for 3 month. We will use the website function in this Tutorial, which is also free after the 90-day test.

Please fill in your access data and click on Login. 4 - The following page lists all the functions you will receive in the 90-day period. 10 sites & 10 wireless devices remain free after the 90-day-test. 7 - In the "Choose a method of payment" screen, you must specify a preferred option (VISA or MasterCard).

Fill in your billing information and click the next one. 9 - You will get to the Dashboard, this screen gives you full control over all the functions you have in Windows Azure! 2 - Windows Azure Website Galerie offers you a broad range of template and CMS ( WordPress, Joomla, Orchard, Drupal... etc).

3 - To set up your CMS preferences, you now need to choose a name, build a data base and set up your CMS login information. When you have entered all this information, Windows Azure will set up the templates for you. Type the information you want and click the next button. 4 - Lastly, you must define your data base preferences by specifying your user name and your passphrase.

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