Build your own Wordpress website

Create your own Wordpress website

With WordPress - How to create and customize a WordPress Child Theme. A simple course on how to create your own WordPress website using the Genesis Framework. WorldPress makes it super easy for you to create a beautiful website for your photo business WITHOUT hiring a developer or learning how to program. WorldPress is one of the most versatile platforms for building websites on the Internet. Snap's Content Manager describes his experience in building his own e-commerce WordPress website.

Create your own high qualitiy WordPress website.

No matter if you are a businessman, an executive, a marketer or a website creator with little WordPress expertise, this course will show you how to create a good-looking, powerful WordPress-based website without paying more than you need to. By the time you finish the course, you'll feel much more at ease when you publish and edit your own WordPress Web site - and be conscious of the traps to be avoided.

You will learn how to setup your domainname, which hosting you use, how to use WordPress and which configuration is necessary to start right at the beginning. You will also learn how and why to use the Genesis themes framework and how to administer your own website designs within a Genesis Child theming.

This course is perfect for you if you are a disappointed website executive, a developer who needs to know how to use WordPress, or a freelancer who wants to create your own website. The course is perfect for businessmen, contractors and marketers who want to create their own good-looking, state-of-the-art, WordPress-based website.

It' s unlikely to be suitable for advanced WordPress programmers.

Create your own WordPress website with our on-line course.

So who' gonna give this course AND who' gonna answer your question? In the last 7 years I have created nice, high conversion WordPress web pages for almost every branch and every corner. Customers are paying us tens of millions (literally $2,150 and more!) to create and build their website. Whilst I enjoy creating for customers, I also enjoy educating them how to create, manage and update their own web sites.

Cause it'?s really important to me to strengthen co-entrepreneurs. Because not everyone has the money (or the desire) to employ a freelance graphic artist, I saw a need in the industry for a complete course that would teach business owners how to create a WordPress website from beginning to end. Knowing that it had to be within reach, just following and giving folks a feeling of performance and controll when creating their own website.

So the course Build Your Own Website was created. When you are done creating the website you need for your company, get on board! I' d be happy if you'd take part in the joke!

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