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ABC\' s of Getting a Website Online Bringing a website online can seem tricky conceptionally if you have never tried it before. Use the following checklist as a general step-by-step guideline for putting a website online. a. Identify the needs of your website. If this is a face-to-face website, a commercial website, will you be using streamed content, etc.

? Identify your needs before proceeding with product selection so that you can purchase the product and service that best meets your needs. b. Select a location concept.

They should research your business, identify the best catchwords you can use, what your site will say, and begin replicating it. Do not select a domainname or begin creating pages until you have found a sound notion. Learn more about how to create a content-based website in the Website Promotions section.

It is the most important stage to get a website online. Don't think of the map after you've already travelled a little and need to make big course adjustments. c. Select a name. Please see this section to help you find a good name for your domains. d. Sign up your name.

Select a Domains Registry to have your domain(s) registered. It is possible to buy extra Aliases or Variants that refer to the sameomain. Please be aware that this stage can be free with your web hosters. Don't overpay for a domainname when it comes with your web host bundle. e. Select a web hoster.

Select a web host organization and a schedule that fits the needs of your website. f. Create your website. Create your website contents with an HTML editors. View your page on a regular basis in a multi-browser thumbnail. They can also consider website submissions or even webdesigning, according to your needs. Maybe you also want to create your website in a CMS. g. Upload your website.

Use an FTP wizard to FTP your website to your web site host. Now your website is online and can be seen on the Internet. h. Advertise your website. When you build it, they won't necessarily come. Find out more about searching machines, paying per click nets and how you can earn with your website cash.

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