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Developer Plugin

The plugin can be installed with the following steps: The plugin can be installed with the following steps: Right-click on the downloading hyperlink and choose "Save Linktied Files As" to enable downloading as a zipped archive. On this page, choose the "Upload" item. Choose "Browse" and browse to the plugin IP address you initially loaded, then choose the "Install Now" icon.

As a result, the plugin setup procedure is initiated and you can enable the plugin after completion. If you are on the plug-in setup page, you get alerts about plugin fixes. These alerts include a shortcut to the automatic plugin fixes. Please refer to the Builder's change logs, which are also referenced in the alert, for a listing of changes and upgrades made in each case.

The reinstallation of the plugin should have no effect on the contents/data, as they are stored seperately in the databank. As a precaution, you should back up your WordPress contents (posts, pages, menu, etc.) before re-installing them. In order to save your WordPress contents, go to wp-admin > Tools > Tools > Import and extract all contents into a single zipped archive.

Using wp-admin > Tools > Imports, you can easily add this information in the near-term. Omit modul - This can be used to omit certain moduls from being uploaded and used by the builder, it also disables the user-defined mail type associated with a modul for those that contain it. ing. php - The image script is used in the builder content to dynamically cut images into any dimension.

You can use this to deactivate the image script used by the Builder on a global basis, so that the Builder uses the WordPress created pictures instead of generating them later. Picture Grade - This sets the image grade of the image script to a 0-100 score, where 100 is the highest grade.

Crop Orientation - This can be used to specify where the source point is when clipping pictures through the picture script. Trim Vertically - This can be used to toggle the ability to trim pictures vertically to a certain heigth. When deactivated, the pictures are not trimmed and the elevation depends on the picture size proportion.

Standard Featured Size - This is an available feature when the WordPress script is deactivated and determines the scale of the WordPress created picture that will be used for resizing when printing pictures.

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