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Website of Builders Square was operated by the newer Builders Square, Inc. as a comparison shopping site for home and garden products. All you need to know to create a small business website. HIGH-QUALITY MATERIALS AND FIRST-CLASS SERVICE FOR BUILDERS, ARCHITECTS AND HOMEOWNERS.

s_span class="mw-headline" id="History">History[edit]

Established in February 1970 as the Home Centre of America by Frank Denny, a manager who was recently appointed Chairman of the Home Centre Affiliate of W. R. Grace and Co. 7 ] It was somewhat unusual for the period that Home Centers of America was financed from the outset as a jointstock corporation.

8 ] The business soon opened its first San Antonio market and finally had nine branches, all in Texas, all run as Home Pro Warehouses. The Home Centers of America was divested to Kmart in July 1984 for $88.2 million (USD). Following the takeover, the business and all operations were rebranded Builders Square, with Denny serving for several years as Builders Square CEO and supervising the company's growth.

1997 Kmart and Leonard Green & Partners merged Hechinger and Builders Square with Hechinger's to form the third biggest DIY store in the United States. Branch offices were closed at the beginning of 1999 and in February the firm heralded the closing of 16 branches in the Chicago area.

In June 1999, Hechinger applied for the reorganisation of Chapter 11 insolvency. This reorganisation led to the closing of a large number of branches and the selling of others to The Home Depot. Other Builders Square branches were all switched to the Home Quarters family. However, the reorganisation programme was not a success and Hechinger applied for the winding-up of chapter 7 in September 1999.

Empresas Masso (Masso Enterprises), a DIY store in Puerto Rico, took over the six Puerto Rico sites and in 2000 again resold them to The Home Depot. Skipar, S. Sprung nach oben ^ Ward's Business Directory of U.S. Private and Public Companies, 1995 : Returned on July 21, 2010.

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