Building a Wordpress website from Scratch

Creating a Wordpress website from scratch

You can start from scratch and use HTML to rebuild the site from scratch. Create a WordPress website from scratch. The manual is designed to help people install, set up, and run their own WordPress website.

Create a Wordpress website from scratch

The manual is designed to help individuals set up, configure, and operate their own WordPress Web site. I mentioned CPanel housing below, I have left C-Panel housing and preferred to set up my own self-managed servers (read more about owning a Vultr servers for $2.5 per months or click here to set up servers on Digital Ocean here or $5 per month).

When you have a web site, you can securely protect it, insert an SSL Certificates, and set up enhanced protection. Purchase a CPanel domain -> Mount WordPress -> Mount a themes -> Create a structure - > Append your contents -> Expand the website. Don't let the first technological problems discourage you, once WordPress is in place, it becomes much simpler.

WorldPress is a free Open Content Management System (CMS), which you can freely load down under As an alternative, if you don't want to hoster WordPress yourself, you can purchase to set up a WordPress web site and web site for you. Personally, I choose to have WordPress hosted (on your own domain) because you have more controls and functionality than if you were hosted on

How to use WordPress on an on-line web site or on your own computer? WordPress can be installed on a web page via the web or on your computer (Mac, Windows or Linux). Choosing A Web Hosts - What Functions Do You Have With Your Web Hosting Plans? CPUanel - cPanel provides frontends for a number of popular web apps.

FTP Access - Allows you to easily save and load your work. CPUanel - MySQL Database - WordPress or customized CMS's need database. CPanel setup - phpMyAdmin setup - This is like an on-line copy of Microsoft Access. Install WordPress and requirements on a locale developer computer (skip if you don't need to build locally).

Replicate a web server ecosystem - Allows you to build future releases of web sites in secret and off-line. on your locale computer (skip this if you don't need to build locally).

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