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Use this mod to apply building themes to a neighborhood or the whole city. This mod makes it possible to apply building themes to a district or the whole city. The Steam Workshop:: Buildings (Green Cities) Enables you to add building themes to a neighborhood or the whole town. It is only those properties that are included in one of the chosen themes that will expand in a neighbourhood. Sign up for Topic mods from the workshops or make your own in-game themes.

Add the Topics tabs to the County Policy pane, where you can choose a topic for a county or the entire town.

Offers two built-in topics, the Topics panel, to activate or deactivate the district's topics. Any number of topics can be specified. When no topic is available for a particular Rotary club or Rotary club, it means that all topics that can be cultivated are permitted. No topic is selected by defaults. Ensure that the "European" look is selected in the "Content Managers Styles" section.

By redrawing the boundaries of the county, those non county related structures will not vanish. If it is up to them to perform an upgrading, they will ascend to a building that is permitted in the area. To allow user-defined shop floor resources in a county, you can either create them using the Topic Manager (see below) or select the "Allow building that is not in a theme" box.

They do not develop cultivation products for non-European bioomes and the other way round. Make this possible for the continental architectural design in the content management. Open the themes on the Themes pane. You will find the topics listed on the right. Choose a topic and insert and remove a building. In order to choose a building, click on it in the dropdown menu.

We have 2 extended control options: control the probability that a building will appear. Notice that it only works if you are adding more than one building with the same zones of the same height and area. Can be configured if you want the building to be upgraded to a particular building (like the same building style with swimming pools and modules).

Creating a new empty space first spawns a building of stage 1 (so you must add one to your theme). The building will be upgraded to a 2 building if certain conditions are fulfilled. Buildings on tier 2 shall be of the same width and of a length which shall be the same or less.

The L1 2x3 low-density apartment building is closed: When there is enough room, the match expands the front or back yard of a building to a max. length of 4 cell (e.g. a 2x2 building spawns as 2x4). British terraced house design uses this function. You can also use Topic Manager to cluster building and allocate different layers to them.

You can use this if you don't have enough building for all asset classes, or if you simply want more variation by mapping all building to all classes. In order to copy a building, choose it from the drop-down menu and click on the "Clone building" icon at the bottom right. Type a name to help ID your build queue and choose your asset class.

You can see the name of the clamp in the construction area. Important: Klones are generated during the step charge-up. Important: If you remove the cloning topic, these edifices will vanish the next times you download your town! We' ve added some themes modes that let you create new themes for your music. This modification does not contain the necessary building model!

Join the Building Collection referenced in the modification manual! The new topics can be found in the "Topics" register card. Add a UK terraced house building themed. This topic would not have been possible without his outstanding work! Add a low-density US building. This topic would not have been possible without his outstanding work!

Match information for the topic is stored in the match.

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