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The Business Elite is an advanced and modern one-page WordPress theme with numerous customization options, transition effects and feature sections. BusinessĀ Elite - A cool, free, one-page WordPress topic -

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An overview of the business elite: One-page WordPress topic for one page

Business Elite, a one-sided WordPress topic, is just that. As so many topics I check with the Business Elite, you will find many functions and choices in the Customizer that you can find under Appearance, or just by tapping Customize in your management toolbar. As soon as you are there, you will see several additional possibilities besides the default WordPress preferences.

You can select the overall page and post layouts here. A good thing is that you can also overwrite this settings for individual contributions and pages, so that you don't get caught up in a particular page outline. The full width can be selected and the width of the contents area can also be controlled, which is pleasant for those who like to change the website resize.

You can also use some of the controls to manage some of the contents shown. A special characteristic that struck me was the grip on the first postal picture. It gives you the ability to better manage the thumbnails you see. Not many designs I found that let you choose the width of the menus to fit your own logotype sizes, a neat feel, and a great way not to have to fit the codes.

There are several different areas on the homepage, or what the topic refers to as a one-page topic, that you can use. When an area does not work for your website, you can show or hide it in any state. Actually, it lets you determine what is important and doesn't make you use functions that don't work for you.

Your top post will be collected and can be ordered by catagory or all of them. Some of these different areas on the homepage have a Choose Effect option. Thus the contributions are loaded into the page when you scroll down to this section. Complimentary vs. Premium: The free edition only gives you two light box effect, but the free edition gives you all the above mentioned effect.

You' ll see these features in the free edition, but you won't be able to use them. You can also choose which category is shown or not. It' quite awesome because you can use a unique contribution that can be selected from the drop-down list on the far right. Note that the free versions of the themes are restricted to two different types of effect, such as the light box above.

As with the previous postings, it offers you a beautiful lay-out and pictures from your blogs. Attracts the presented pictures of contributions in a certain catagory or catagories and shows them as a portfoli. Then you can give the reader the opportunity to click through the article or open it in a light box.

And I like that because you can manage it through post instead of building a separate asset group. Contacting allows you to enter your name, your postal and e-mail addresses on the homepage. However, if you buy the Premier Edition, you can still include a Contacts page in this section.

Speak about a jumping out message on your homepage. You no longer need to get your website visitor to get in touch with you. That could be valuable in itself for the cost of the high-end game. I like the way you have a lot of grip over the slide bar for the upper part of the homepage.

Stopping the fader when someone passes over the picture is a good choice and one I don't see in many faders integrated into topics. Complimentary vs. Premier Version: This free edition of this topic offers you a limitation of two foils. When you need more, the free edition gives you up to 15 foils, although I don't see that most folks need so many.

You have the possibility to display the pictures in a light box in your Portfolio Preferences instead of associating them with the contributions. It gives you more controll over the light box and with the Premier Edition, as well as with other parts, you get more effect at the light box switch. Like I already showed you, you can define a global page and post layouts.

However, on every page and post-editor screen, you also have the ability to modify the page layouts for that particular page. Increasingly more topics have this function and it is an optional one that I know is useful. Topic comes with two additional Widgets. It' s similar to using an image widget, but since it's part of the topic, it's one less plugin you have to be worried about.

I have pointed out, as you noticed in this review, some things you get only with the Pro release. Have a look at more specials, foils and this great online feedback on the homepage. You can also get more customized colors with the Premier Edition, as well as some built-in shortcuts for the editor.

You say diversity is the flavor of living and you can find a better choice with these extra page styles for yourself or your customers that come with the Premier Pack. Also, if you make customer pages, you may not get much interest in marriage pages, but if you do, it also has this one.

And, of course, with the Premier Edition you get the important additional technical assistance. Admittedly, the free edition has a great deal to offer. However, for a business site, if you want more versatility with the additional choices I have shown you, I would suggest choosing the Premier Routes.

Business Elite concentrates on the one-sided design with parallel effect and gives your company a truly polished look. It' s sufficiently diverse to work with all kinds of business model, even e-commerce websites. Have a look at the free Business Elite WordPress topic edition or the free Business Elite WordPress topic edition for yourself and see if it meets your needs.

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