Business Identity Wordpress Theme

Wordpress business identity theme

The Business Identity was developed for companies and entrepreneurs who need a beautiful and professional home on the Internet. A brilliant homepage The Business Identity was developed for companies and businessmen who need a nice and professionally home on the Internet. Designed for small and large companies in equal measure, Business Identity offers a website emblem, a brillant cover page artwork, client feedback and a contents regulator. Undoubtedly, our favourite part of business identity - and what you will hopefully like the most - is the homepage submission.

We' ve designed it to be completely reactive and attractive on all your equipment and make sure it meets many of your business needs when you create a home page for your website. There are two different layouts of Business Identity: Wide (Standard) and SM. Select the best fit for your business.

It is also possible to have your main side bar displayed on the right (default) or right side of your website. With Business Identity you can easily create and publish your own corporate brand. Business-identity assists the presentation of pictures both on articles and pages as well as on client opinion pages and on the homepage presentation.

Test drives are a great way to show your community's commitment and customers' esteem for your company or your work. Business-identity helps to create voices that are very simple to use. Business-identity provides up to three widgets: Sidebar, website page and title page. Business Identity provides two user-defined navigational menu options, a primary menu in the website head and a second menu in the bottom.

Are you interested in using this topic on your self-hosted website? On our Business Identity demos page you will find all the documents you need to get familiar with Business Identity as well as the supplementary Business Identity supports page. We strive to ensure that your expertise in creating a website with business identity is great.

Width of the body is 770, except in the full width layouts where it is 1170. Sidebar ( 350); title page ( 254); footer ( 264). Selected pictures are displayed on contributions as well as on pages. While you can load a bigger picture for better visibility, it is limited to this area.

There is an optional right and right primary sidebar layouts in the Theme. The primary sidebar is located on the right side of the theme by default. 2. Do not hesitate to get in touch with us if you have any queries about Business Identity before the sales! Many thanks to Christopher Rowe, who contributed to the first UI business identity concept designs.

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