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The ListingPro is an all-in-one WordPress theme that contains everything you need to start an online directory. When you have implemented the theme, you can choose whether to press a button and import the theme demo. Earn money with the Business Directory Software / Theme. Fee for setting up a business. A all-in-one directory listing WordPress theme, perfect for any type of online directories and listings.

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The creation of the on-line business directories, specially designed for you, is very simple with this high-performance and versatile theme. It allows you to build your own website listing for almost any company you can imagine. Easily customize your search by adding a category or new user-defined field. It''s an elegantly simple theme of our high-performance Directories Theme engine that's packed with all of its power.

The Business Director can be used to find businesses, service providers or anything else such as a restaurant, hotel, B&B, mechanic, installer or electrician. It is possible to compile a register for a specific sector or compile a category for each sector and levy fees for the inclusion of contributions. These templates are fast reacting, easy to use and come with a portable application as well.

When your business pages are displayed on your phone, this peculiarity provides a minimum display. As an administrator, you can activate/deactivate the display of the portable application via the theme preferences. Your directories page still responds when the display of the portable application is turned off. We' ve provided an enhanced browse tool to browse offers with various different choices.

The user can browse the offers by keywords, category, location, etc. If you select the town, your website will be created according to the town you have chosen and you will receive offers for that town. Together with the Advanced Find, we have developed the Mileage Reach Find, which allows you to browse the offer for mileage.

this program is designed so that you can maintain a profitably classified index. Generate infinite pricing plans. Generate your own subscriptions. Eligibility for listing company listing option. Fee for setting up a business. Fee for certain category. Generate any number of user-defined panels. One of the most popular business topics of the SEO-friendly Business Directorate is WP.

Deploy the favorite search engine optimization plug-ins like Yoast search engine optimization, All In One search engine optimization, Google XML Sitemaps and All In One Schema. org Rich Snippets that help you streamline your search engine optimization website. Persuasive companies that sign up in your listing are much simpler if they can be found readily on-line! Create your business pages in any language! Localizations so you can create a business page in Arabic or Hebrew if you want. Easy-to-use frontend WordPress editing.

Creating nice looking web pages without having to change a line of coding. With this fantastic Page Builder, you can build sophisticated page and post layout with a straightforward drag-and-drop user experience. The best part is that with this tool, you can build new page contents that are fully reactive and turn your site into a fully-fledged reservation system.

Business Directories plug-ins are fully compliant with some of the most common WordPress plug-ins, the most efficient of all. Utilize the theme's powerfull administrator dashboard to navigate all facets of your business listing. Easily post offers from your administrative Dashboard and let companies post and administer their own offers.

Supplied with basic and extended keyword browsers. Extended searching can also be catagory intelligent if you like. Contains Google Taps for each business listing. Browse catagories, results and all-in-one mapping. Make a business listing for anything you like. Administrators check all user and their offers via the administrators dashboard.

Permission lists are also an optional feature. Edit, extend, or update your own listing can be done by a single person. Contains a company credit assessment and a review system. Create a fully-fledged website for business review. Lots of e-mail alerts for users and administrators. The theme colours can be adjusted via the administration panels to suit your colour schemes.

The design uses fantastic Google fonts to give it a look that's unmatched. We' ve put together a vast library of ressources for our directory platforms, including free add-ons, a compatibility listing of third-party plug-ins, theme and plug-in instructions, over 75 online tutorials, and much more. With this piece of work. Optionally, these add-ons will help you make the most of your offer by accepting your bid to the most suitable payment-service provider.

The topic with outstanding tech supports certainly earns 5 stars. Centuries of teamwork flowed into the conception and deployment of this business directories business management solution. Bring this topic at a fraction ofthe real costs of developing and launching your business directory website now.

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