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The Weekly Journal is a financial advisor magazine WordPress Theme, designed for financial, business and accounting magazines and blogs. The Herald is a business-like, uncomplicated news topic. WebLionMedia's Business News - Fast Response Magazine, News, Blog

is a clean, fast-reacting news, magazine and blogs topic. Featuring an attractive styling, it is easy to use with any portable devices such as tablets or cell phones without having to remove them! Ideal for news and blogs websites, with built-in videos and gallery in every news, press and blogs.

Corrected a submenu. The number of followers in the follower widget has been corrected. 2 small errors in the executables "footer.php" and "functions.php" were corrected. Corrected the list of articles in the archived data set. Corrected headline and footing left side linkes. Corrected the abbreviations of the Oragnic tabs for news and blogs.

The short code [recent_posts2] has been corrected. They' ve been fixing Breadcrumbs. Enabled to deactivate the background of the center head area. Corrected headers and footers of softwares. Have been made and added permanentinks for all news shortcuts and pages. Has been made into a news archives page. Corrected the catagory in the messages of individual posts.

Added the Google+ symbol in the headers and footers. Added the possibility to use html or adSense instead of the headers and banners picture with your own address. Added 6 extra sliders shortcuts for messages and blogs (after last added entries, after ID array). Added 6 extra short codes for blogs post (by recent post categories, by comment, by id array).

The section "About the Author" has been corrected in a separate article.

WordPress Financial Advisor Magazine Topic

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