Business Pipeline Template

Pipeline Business Template

I used Excel years ago to track sales and manage a sales pipeline. Some other business owner uses the sales pipeline report template in conjunction with his project management reports to decide when to hire more team members. 7 sales pipeline stages that every small business should use.

Sale procedures for a realtor, coach and craftsman may not look the same. However, while each business - and each distribution - uses its own method, the phases of its selling process are actually quite similar. Salespeople are identifying a new leader, working to make contact, and evaluating whether it is appropriate for the organization before working to complete the transaction.

Here is something else that most companies have in common: this selling procedure does not always have to be the same. In addition, an incidental inconsistency causes errors that result in loss of lead, loss of timing, and reduced business growth. However, if the selling proces is automatic, the sale takes place as it should be.

If the agent uses the SDK to move potential customers from one selling level to the next, the SDK can email leaders proactively. Instead of browsing through memos - trying to recall which one is which and when to track - you can see the state of each leader and get a reminder of the next action to take.

Identifying each phase of the selling cycle and the measures to be taken to achieve it is a crucial factor for your business outcomes. Here we give an outline of seven pipeline levels that any small business can use. In order to demonstrate how an automatic pipeline actually works, we also describe how Sum of All Numbers, an accounting and wage accounting organization, uses these phases in its automatic pipeline - a utility that helps Fremont, a California based business, triple its revenue.

New leads are tagged and their contacts are captured. During the entire selling proces, your account executive will use this data base to provide instant point of sale information, move the leads from one level to the next, and create follow-up notifications. Sum of All Numbers automates the creation of an opportunities dataset when a potential customer completes an on-line free advice request or when an employee collects information about potential customers from a telephone call.

Based on Round Robin, the solution allocates a member of the team to the leads on a round-robin base, and the team member is reminded to call the new potential customer. It' s just now for one of the most challenging parts of the selling process: getting your hands on the leads. Potential customers remain at this point of sale until the agent contacts them, whether after a telephone call or after 10.

In order to link up with the new leader, the Sum of All Numbers representative first answers the telephone. Capturing the result of the call in the application, it initiates an automatic event trigger. Every e-mail in the automatic follow-up serie has a different use. First, the potential customer is sent instructions on how to get going and is asked to select a point in connection.

Second, sent because the representative has not yet obtained the outlook, he is educating him on the importance of setting an accountant. The last e-mail sent three months after the potential customer initially voiced an interest asks whether this interest still existed. At this point, the member of staff responsible for distribution has achieved an important landmark in the selling process:

Actually, she spoke to the interested party. Dependent on your company, the agent can have a meeting at this point or several of them, as the agent will determine whether the potential customer is eligible for a sale. During the dedicated phase, the representative can email a number of e-mails to enlighten the leader and gather the information he needs to train.

Total of all numbers marketing staff speaks to the potential customer during a free consulting session, the aim of which is to qualify the leads. In the end of the session, the representative goes into the softwares to record one of these three results, each of which initiates an automatic sequence: In the case of a skilled leader, the softwares send an assessment questionnaire and other documentation to complete for you.

Whilst some companies would ignore this advantage, the Sum of All Numbers representative is sure to keep in contact. It is not concluded that the leader does not want to buy; it is concluded that he does not want to buy at the moment. Initiating this automatic sequencing will add the potential customer to a month-by-month mailing and send a message to the representative reminding him to call again in a year.

And if the leads never become customers, the salesperson in the application will spend a day stopping all communications. During this phase the member of the marketing staff decides that the leader is eligible, i.e. he has the necessity, the budgetary resources and the right to make a deal. Total of all figures distribution employee send the potential documents that will allow it to prepare a suggestion and complete the selling.

Some potential customers will unavoidably tend to neglect or hesitate to return the stationery and delay the selling as well. If this is the case, the automatic workflow will include reminders and assignments that the representative can call if the potential customer has not yet replied. Until then, the distribution channels for most companies had the same general objectives: exposure, commitment and skills.

However, some companies may have one-off selling points, such as planning a face-to-face get-together, organizing a free demonstration, or shipping a specimen copy. Irrespective of this, this phase of the pipeline is geared to bringing potential customers nearer to concluding the business. Once the sale is complete, the seller asks the potential customer to complete the transaction.

In order to shut down a new client, Sum of All Numbers will send a suggestion. At the end of the sale either you make a profit or you lose. Every case can trigger its own automatic follow-up - such as a range of welcome e-mails for a new client or a six-month check-in e-mail for a leader who didn't buy at the end.

Like it does when a potential client is not willing to buy early in the selling proces, the Sum of All Numbers representative stays in contact with the potential client who declined the offer. When the potential client approves the suggestion, it means that Sum of All Numbers has a new client - and it's off to welcome him with e-mails and an on-boarding session to begin the future work.

A further automatic series will accompany them on their way there.

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