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Creating a Great Portfolio Website Portfolio website is an indispensable instrument to do more business and build your own unique corporate identity. A portfolio is probably more important than a CV in today's global economy, no matter what you do. Be you a free-lance reporter, a recent graduate looking for a career, or even an accounting clerk when your name is associated with Google, your portfolio will offer the most compelling and complete view of you.

Portfolio is particularly important if you work in the field of web designing, both as an independant web developer and as part of an advertising group. A portfolio is designed to give a potential customer, such as an arts manager, a feel for who you are, what you can do, and whether you are the individual they should employ to carry out their work.

What then are the components of a portfolio that is not only perceived but also marked with a bookmark by a prospective customer? Why is this website used? They should also have a comprehensive over page containing your education backgrounds, your profiles, your goals, interests and your CVs. Web redesigner John Furness says the look of your portfolio should mirror your work and have a similar look and feel found on the remainder of your website.

"It is important that there is consistency between the different areas of your site to let people know that they are on the same site. It is also important that the portfolio designs do not interfere with or overwhelm the work being presented. "Use colours, lettering and designs to engage with your audiences: if you're a bridal designer, you're welcome to toy with bizarre romance lettering, or if you're designing for kids, be open to the use of light, primitive colours.

Persons visiting your website must be able to interactively communicate smoothly with your community content. Join your current (or create new) Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook account for the site. They can all act as key driving forces to attract new attention to your website if you include the web site of your portfolio website in your biography on socially relevant portals.

When adding a blogs to your website or adding a galleries to your work, you are exploring the implementation of a shared buttons such as a "share this" widget that will cover the overwhelming majorities of pop favorite community sites so that your visitors can easily post pictures in your portfolio and post articles in your blogs.

Below are some of the best samples of portfolio sites with powerful UX. Don't want to be wasting the valuable experience of a potential customer getting lost on your website. A Treehouse blogs article says you can consider turning any portfolio item into a case story. It is the whole point of the portfolio to get more work and get in touch with humans!

Be sure to insert your emails on every page and in your favorite network. Are you interested in creating your own portfolio?

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