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When you have a company with a long name, condense it. My Google Business Website Builder Check Google My Business Website Builder CheckEO One of the most important things Google has done is to help small companies build easy and inexpensive web sites by launching its website builder within Google My Business. It is a great idea as there are many small companies that do not have a website. Marissa Nordahl of Google made the announcement in a Google My Business Help threads on Tuesday, June 13.

While one of the most frequent measures taken by individuals when they explore a Google site is to visit the site, we know that for many small business owner around the globe it can still be a challenging task to get a site: too complicated, too costly, too time-consuming. Million of small companies (60% of small companies worldwide) still do not have a website.

Web site is a free utility that allows small business owner to build a basic, engaging Web site in just a few moments. It' really quite straightforward, and you can build and manage your new website from your computer or mobile from your hand! It' s free, but to get a user-defined top level site (like a . com, . ziz or . net), you have to buy a top level site through Google or you will be trapped with an nasty site like site - which would probably be less catchy for a user and does not have the search engine rating of a . com site.

A few remarkable functions of the Website Builder are the following: Receive a user-defined domainname (extra charge). It' easy to place advertisements on the site. Please be aware that you need a validated Google My Business entry to use Website Builder. Site Checks within Google shows about 113,000 results, consisting of both US and small business people.

The business segments included property, travelling & travel, computer education and computer programs, computer camp, insect fighting and many others. Some screenshots of the website creation and maintenance processes. First I added and validated my company name. After finishing my company profiling, I was asked to build a free website.

After selecting a website address, I was given the opportunity to purchase a customized brand. You have several topic choices within the Website Builder. Choose the colour schemes and fonts that best match your business. Allows you to modify website items such as headline, descriptions, and bodily information.

They have the possibility to modify your website adress, to buy a user-defined domainname or to deactivate your website. So how does the Website Builder perform, especially in terms of best practice for all SEOs? Easily build a website. It can be featured in your Google My Business profile as your website. Easily insert user-defined covers, photos, etc.

Incorporates Google Map embedding and emphasizes contacts and business hour information. Easy to manage in your Google My Business profile. Single page website, no possibility to generate extra pages. It is not possible to include user-defined page headers and meta-descriptions (or any kind of subset, for that matter). A local business model that is most pertinent to small companies.

Hopefully Google will further upgrade and extend this utility to offer more rugged capabilities to enterprises. Shouldn't small business owner use Google My Business Website Builder? "If you don't have the absolute amount of patience to create a small, four- to five-page website on a more rugged site like Squarespace or Yola, you should use this one.

In an absolute minumum, I would suggest buying a customized top level Domain instead of using the standard ULTR. But if you don't operate in a highly-competitive local business and want a one-page website that you can administer through your Google My Business Dashboard, this easy website builder may be right for you.

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