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Offen - Responsible company and business template from Jewel_Theme The Open is the ideal solution for One Page Parallax Template for Business, Corporate, Agency, Nonprofit, Freelancer, Portfolio or any kind of General Business. The Open HTML5 Template Designed and Developed by Jewel Theme Open's design is a breathtaking, neat, modern and professional template that can be used to build corporate or business web sites.

Business Bostan - Business topic of A-Works

It comes with powerful full featured functions, Dragging & Dropping Page Builders, Extended Options Panels, and unrestricted color to help you tailor it as you want to meet your needs, you can toggle between 1200px raster if you need a broad business topic or 900px raster if you have a broad business topic, or if you need a slim raster, you can have it boxed or liquid, you can have it rastered between 1200px raster and 900px raster if you need a slim business topic.

  • Option to append filter links to your project. - Including Revolution Slider plug-in updater 5.4.8. - Link WPBakery Page Builder plug-in 5.5.2. - Little enhancements and corrections. - Also included Revolution Slider plug-in updater - Use Add to specify the project number in the Folder page settings. - A few small enhancements and corrections.

54/25-4-2018 - Added possibility to modify the number of drafts to be displayed per drawer in other drafts. - Added to specify the user-defined page header wallpaper for individual project. - Remove checkbox to specify the post-gallery button as the revolutionary sliders. 53/12-4-2018 - Page settings page layouts improved.

  • I' ve made a few small corrections. 51/3-4-2018 - Subset Font Addition to Font Settings Selector. - Click the Append button to specify the number of test endorsements per transparency. - An add box to specify the Other Members phrase. - Less corrections and enhancements. 50-18-3-2018 - Update of the WPBakery Page Builder plug-in to v5.4.7. - Upgrading the Revolution Slider plug-in to v5.4.7.2.
  • A few corrections and enhancements. 48 - 14.2.2018 - Fix packet price functions to take non-Latin chars into account. - Turbo Slider Revolution v5.4.7 included. - The Yoast WEO readcrumbs feature can be added to use it instead of standard Bostan readcrumbs. - to link team members to their individual pages. - Several small corrections and enhancements.

WPBakery Page Builder (Visual Composer) Update v 5.4.5 must be included. - Includes Slider Revolution Update v - Added Search Scope option. - A few corrections and enhancements. 2017-11-18-47 - WPBakery Page Builder (Visual Composer) Update v 5.4.4 - Include WPBakery Page Builder (Visual Composer) Update v 5.4.3.

  • Updating with Revolution Slider v - Demo-sizer enhancements on smaller monitors. - Movie menu enhancements. - Little corrections and enhancements. - Make small corrections and enhancements. 42 - 28.10.2017 - Added optional coverage of the top panel symbols. - Append Find to top pane item. - In the copyright text, activate the Full Text check box.
  • Lesser corrections and improvements. 22/10/2017 - Added optional to suppress sharing in a pop-up window for pictures (PrettyPhoto). - Optional to directly link pictures to the externally previewed IL to the portfoliocarousel. - Embed Visual Composer Update v5.4.2. - Featuring Revolution Slider Update v5. - Smallier fixups and improvements.
  • New Symbol Cleaner added to the Visual Composer service box settings. - Adds Toggle Visual Composer Block. - Includes accordion Visual Composer block. - Use this option to select the symbol families for the symbol link. - Appends the Symbol colour to the symbol link item. - Shortcut Edit project carousel. - Correct the Full Width line in Visual Composer.
  • Include the short code alerts in your composition block. - Apply a keyboard shortcut to your composers' pads. - Integrating Version 5.3 of visual composite updates. - Slider Update v5. with Revolution Slider. - to hide the page header. - Use Demo Pages as a template for VC. - Use the Add Options button to specify the top location for the Page builder template.
  • Lesser corrections and enhancements. - Troubleshoots the problem with importing revolution sliders. - Improved the project merry-go-round. - A number of significant enhancements to the Portfoliofilter tag. - Adds the item Class of menus to the menusettings. 31-3-3-2017 - Solving the problem with the roundabout for cell phones and tablets. - Several small corrections and enhancements. - You should update FontAwesome v4.7.0.
  • Considerable enhancements to postal format capabilities. - Options for showing/hiding project navigations are added. - Allow to change the text of the links (live preview) in a project. - Add the Metainformation Show/Hide radio button to your project (date, tags). - Activation of the possibility to adjust the project thumbnail view heights in the project roundabout. - The Add button to make e-mail and telephone headers information linked.
  • Smaller corrections and enhancements. 10-12-2016 - Include Visual Composer Update v5.0.1. - Corrects the titles of project and client shortcuts. - Append the Categories to the ' Bostan - Mail list' Widget radio button. - Adopt order and auto-play features to the project merry-go-round. - Adopt the order form to the merry-go-round to the blogsheet. - Added an optional name for the project name.
  • Smaller corrections and enhancements. 21/23-11-2016 - Integrate Revolution Slider update v5.3.0. - Visual Composer Update v5.0. - Added local loading of standard scripts instead of the Google Font CDN. - In the Page Editor and Visual Composer, select the Category options to be added to the blog list block. - Corrects the customer's merry-go-round hyperlink at Visual Composer.
  • Smaller corrections and enhancements. 20-11-10-2016 - Added the Tag options to the portfolios pages. - Smaller corrections and enhancements. - Visual Composer Version 4.12.1. - FontAwesome icon addition options. - Added the possibility to modify reading more in the blog list blocks and shortcodes. - Smaller corrections and enhancements.
  • Fix the colour of the page support in the topic settings. - Select the Append item to specify the number of items to display in the Megamenu. Seventeen - 25-7-2016 - Fix title margin skins colour fix optional. - Include Revolution Slider v5.2.6. - Include Revolution Slider v5.2.5.4. - Revolution Slider Update v5.2.5.3 included. - Include Visual Composer Update v4.12.
  • Small corrections. Twelve - 14-5-5-2016 - Include Slider Revolution v5.2.5. and 1 (Update from appearance > install plugins). - Smaller corrections and improvements. - Includes Slider Revolution v5.2. and 5 (Update from Appearance > Install Plugins). - Fix the 1200 width layouts (Appearance > Design Options > Layouts Settings). - Fix User Language (Appearance > Topic Options > Layouts Settings).
  • Added Ability to suppress Posts Meta Info and Posts Type icons (Appearance > Topic Settings > Posts Settings). - Minor corrections and improvements. - Revolution Slider V5.2.3 included. and 5 (Update appearances > install plugins). - Minor corrections and improvements. - added: Menu item button for menu items. Speed slider V5.1.6.

V4.10 Video Composer - Add: General hints for projects in the topic area. - Fault-remedy: Substantial error and safety corrections. 4- 19.1.2016 - Added: Poste' s option in topic option pane. - Eliminating errors: Substantial error and safety corrections. Added: 1 click added demonstration importers to topic option. - added: include full featured page creator.

  • added: blocs available in visual composite. - Fault correction: Substantial error and safety corrections. Slider Revolution actualized. Lots of stylistic enhancements. Refreshed merry-go-round type project. - Fix: Safety and vulnerabilities remediations. Small troubleshooting. Small troubleshooting. Ability to fade out page titles in blogs and portfolios. Small troubleshooting. 1-04-02-2014 - Added: Added ability to modify the folder symbol to create a shortcut instead of the highlight.

Project and customer roundabout. Small troubleshooting. Added 0 - 09-10-2013 - Added possibility to deactivate page header for different pages and contributions. - Added: Added translation tools for some topic words. The controller Revolution has been upgraded to the latest release. 16-09-6 - Added: possibility to insert a different heading for different pages.

Velocity improvements. Small troubleshooting. Added: Added possibilities to modify the colour of the shortcut key and the range of soft symbols. Added: Added possibility to modify the top edge of the top level menus. There is a clash between topic class and topic class in your portfolios. - The service key colour does not vary with the colour of the user's complexion.

The font sizes and line heights do not vary from the type layout settings. 2nd 2. 11-07-2013 - Added: Added ability to filters blogs post lists by tag. Small troubleshooting. Toggle layout toggle between 860px (narrow) and 1200px (wide) layout. Small troubleshooting. - added: Added possibility to specify tag filtering for the portfolios merry-go-round area.

  • added: Added possibility to show hidden symbol in headers. The Client blocks caption does not name. Small troubleshooting. - added: Added possibility to modify page caption text to either whites or blacks. - Add: Added possibility to modify the text "Buy now". Small troubleshooting. Font will be reset to default state. Added: Added possibility to open the shortcut key in the same folder.

Small troubleshooting. Small troubleshooting. Revolution Slider Updates to the latest release. - Solved: The dialog box boxes contain the following options. Small troubleshooting.

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