Business Templates for pages

Templates for Pages

Developed with your business requirements in mind. Coporate Templates for Pages is a collection of stunning, business-oriented page templates designed to make your business shine. Until you wrote a word. Apple's professionally designed Pages application templates help you make your documents look professional right from the start.

Business templates (for pages) in the Mac App Store

Templates for Pages, Keynote & Numbers. Provides 90 professionally designed, business-oriented templates in a unified look. Templates for all pages and numbers are available in US Letter and A4, with the exception of the cover (6 popular cover sizes). Keynote templates are available in large and large formats. After opening in Pages, Keynote or Numbers you can use your own contents, colours, fonts, images, etc...

Please let us know which templates you would like to see in the next one. IMPORTANT: PAGES, BASIC TONE AND NUMBERS NEEDED! As an example, the CV needs pages while the bill needs numbers. Pages, Keynote and numbers can be downloaded from the Mac App Store. Before using these pre-printed documents, please seek the advice of an advocate or other professional who is aware of the law of the relevant jurisdictions and the particular use to which they may be put.

Any available form is of a general character; it is not governed by the statutes of any particular state or court, but by general legal principles and should only be used after consultation with a lawyer or other professional who is aware of the statutes of that court and the particular use to which such form is put.

Pages 5.2 or higher needed. Keynote 6.5 or higher needed. Numbers from 3.3 or higher necessary. It' s great, it has easy templates that are handy. I was very fortunate as a management consultancy and professionnal, no reason to be pleased to have found this GEM.

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Choice of professionally designed page templates: from booklets and newsletter to session transcripts and even press releases. Developed with your business requirements in view. Packed with dozens of breathtaking templates for your work or your own contents. From business calling card and brochure to prescription card and marriage invitation. A growing collection of high-quality visualisation utilities to give every Pages page a unique look.

An extensive range of utilities for generating unparalleled page contents, with pages that include user-defined designs, enumerated symbols, picture boxes, and keyboards. Brilliant suite of creatives to illustrate your Pages document, complete with symbols, tagges, tapes, doodles, and clip art pictures. Enchanting and practical templates for business and private use. Business template templates help you build a unified look for all your formal documentation, from business card and invoice to memo and schedule.

An enormous package of funny pictures to show almost any page contents, with topics from home and home to business and academia. Select the toolbox for Pages edition of Toolbox for Pages and get to the same contents that are convenient for Pages for iPages. Pages 5.0 or higher and pages for ifOS 2.0 or higher.

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