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Are you looking for 3D print files, models or projects? Upload STL files and 3D files from the best 3D printers. Take advantage of our collection of 3D print files to create 3D objects. Manufacturers can download useful tested STL files for terrain, toys, beautiful sculptures, spare parts and video games for their 3D printers. Feeding your factory with the latest 3D models and 3D.

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We' re focusing on a tight alcove of people and objects related to computer and videogames as they identify with the hobbies we have been pursuing for several years. As great players, we've taken on the challenges of building an on-line platform where gaming enthusiasts from around the globe can meet and buy, downloading and sharing 3D print files of their favourite foes and exceptional toy cars and machinery.

It' simple to join our ever-growing, massively customisable platforms. You' ll then get your own page where you can post your own 3D prints of stunningly handcrafted patterns, or you can simply browse other modellers' files and get them printed on your 3D printers. It' up to you what you do next with these breathtaking characters: place them on your desk or shelves, amaze others, or keep them in your amazing line.

The 3D print files for all our model presentations are compressed in STL file formats and suitable for SLS/SLA and FFF-printer. Our aim is to ensure that all our clients achieve an easy, trouble-free and error-free print result. We also offer detailled engineering and print directions, which can be downloaded from our site after a thorough test of all files generated by our in-house design team.

We' re pleased to welcome all lovers of 3D on our site, where you will get a thorough look at what will soon become a living space. You can now become part of a 3D printing emporium that knows no limits to creativity, neither as a purchaser nor as a vendor. Turn the match into reality!

Easily load up your 3D model in .stl and earn cash.

Recent article about the Universal Connector Kit has reminds me of the value of free 3D print downloads.

Recent article about the Universal Connector Kit has reminds me of the value of free 3D print downloads. This gives those without 3D modelling expertise the opportunity to enjoy the thrills of seeing a digitized data set translate into a real thing, and gives 3D modellers the opportunity to give something back to the team.

So if you have some 3D objects that aren't for sale or are an earlier version of a recent theme, why not split the passion and make it available for others to download. The only thing you need to do is check the Allow downloads box in the editing screen so others can view your files and start printing your outlines.

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