Buy and Sell 3d Models

Buying and selling 3D models

The publication of your 3D models for sale on the main online marketplace is fast, easy and free. Get up to 80% royalty income! Get up to 80% royalty income! Your work is only a few moments away from being uploaded and appears in your results for sale! A simple response is to make more money and join the CheckMate programme.

Your work is only a few moments away from being uploaded and appears in your results for sale!

Wherever you can successfully sell your 3D models online

We' ve put together a shortlist of the ten best places to sell 3D models on-line, but which ones should you use? What pages offer you as an artiste the best chances to earn successful cash by the sale of your 3D models? Let's take a look at which websites are paying the highest non-exclusive license fees to their performers.

Those websites that are paying the highest license fees take a smaller average, which means that you will earn more per-sales. Remember that we are dealing with non-exclusive license fees. Nearly all of these websites provide higher compensation in return for an arrangement that you won't sell a particular phone anywhere else. Both Shapeways and Sculpteo use a tiered, customisable fee system where the seller determines a pricing depending on how much it will cost to produce the 3D work.

Even though you can add a premium of 80% to Shapeways, you run the danger of taking yourself out of the game. Generally speaking, the relatively high cost of 3D print means that you are likely to earn less per purchase on Shapeways and Sculpeo than an all-digital provider like 3D Exchange or The 3D Studio.

Obviously, the reasons why we consider visitor numbers as a key consideration are that the more visitors a website receives, the more prospective shoppers will be likely to be affected by your models. While there are many ways to track your audience, the Alexa ranking is well establish and provides an exact measurement for our use.

These are the league tables for ten 3D market places. Smaller numbers mean more traffics! In brackets contained in the rough transport information of the pages of January 2012. A comparison was made between the website's Alexas ranking and the free transport figures for January 2012. A look at a monthly chart can be deceptive, but we wanted to see if there were any significant gaps between Allexa ratings and crude transport figures.

Most of the Alexa ratings reflect the transport statistic (unique monthly visitors), with one remarkable noteworthy exemption. Although it has the 4th best Alexa rank on the league table, even though 3d Ocean was in 8th place in the month by month circulation, it was the best in the world. The best assumption is that 3DOcean's strong connection with the very mighty domains mistakenly supports the Alexa scores.

Ultimately, the last action we will deal with is competitiveness. Little rivalry is preferable for evident good reason - fewer buyer choices means they are more likely to pick your one. In order to define the contest, we just took a look at the overall number of 3D models sold in each marketplace: Turbosquid's market place has the largest offering and more than three times more choice than its nearest rival.

Turbosquid, however, also happens to have the largest volume of air travel. What locations do I need? Both have frustrating low license fees and low levels of trafficking. Although the rivalry at 3-Docean is not very strong, you earn almost twice as much per sales elsewhere. The Shapeways has far more than Sculpteo in terms of visitor numbers, but the competitors are also much weaker.

The Shapeways receives a referral for two reasons: Secondly, the high volume of Shapeways means that there is more room for improvement when your models appear on the front page. Both have high levels of trafficking, low levels of rivalry and adequate licensing fees. 3D Studio and 3DDExchange have the highest license fees, but 3D DExchange has amazingly little user activity and a great deal of rivalry.

The Creative Crash has by far the least competitive rate for the amount of revenue they get - frankly, it's not even remote. Creative Crash, however, has a huge collection of free models. Complimentary downloading probably accounts for up to half the data flow, which means that their competitors Turbosquid and The 3D Studio may be more similar than the figures suggest.

Concentrate your main tasks on The 3D Studio, and then turn your attentions to Turbosquid and CreativeCrash. In spite of Turbosquid's low license fees, they get an unbelievable amount of revenue, which means that if you make a hole in it, you can make some cash.

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